Chasing Waterfalls: Where To Find The Best Waterfalls Around Australia

One of the best things about the Australian winter is that waterfalls all around the country are flowing. From the deep forests of Tasmania to the dramatic gorges of the Kimberley, Australia’s waterfalls are found in some of the most beautiful corners of the country. Whether you’re going for a dip, hike or simply taking in the views, waterfalls that you need to know about.

Millaa Millaa Falls

Location: Queensland

Home to platypus’s, luscious rainforest and fast-flowing waterfalls, the Southern Atherton tablelands is one of the most beautiful regions of Queensland. As the spectacular gateway to the region, Millaa Millaa Falls is the perfect place to stop on your way in. With a crystal clear swimming hole and space to relax under the trees, make sure that you pack a picnic and take some time to relax among the tropical plants and take in the stunning views.

Image source: Queensland

Jim Jim Falls

Location: Northern Territory

Located in the Northern Territory’s Kakadu National Park, Jim Jim Falls are one of the highlights of the region. While the falls are at their fullest in the hot wet season, you can still catch a glimpse of them from the air all year round on a scenic flight. If you do visit during the dry season then you can experience a dip in the Jim Jim Falls waterhole, which is only open during the drier months.

Mackenzie Falls

Location: Victoria

Located in the majestic Grampians National Park, Mackenzie Falls is one of the largest and most impressive waterfalls in Victoria. Flowing all year round, the waterfall cascades into a deep pool that’s perfect for swimming in warmer weather. While you’re there, strap on your hiking boots and make sure you explore the rest of the beautiful park after a dip.

King George Falls

Location: Western Australia

While you won’t be swimming in these falls, they are nonetheless worth seeing. Inaccessible from the ground, these 80-metre high waterfalls are best seen from the water or air. Jump onto one of the many expedition cruises or flights that depart from Broome and take in the spectacular sight of rushing water against the stark red rock faces of the region.

Dangar Falls

Location: New South Wales

A part of a volcanic crater, Dangar Falls is one of the most unique waterfalls in the country. Plunging into a large swimming hole at the base of the falls, you will also find a warmer swimming hole above. With plenty of places to swim, enjoy a picnic and explore, Dangar Falls is the ideal waterfall for an adventurous day out.

Montezuma Falls

Location: Tasmania

Not to be mistaken with Montezuma Falls in Costa Rica, Tasmania’s Montezuma Falls is the tallest waterfall in Tasmania. Named for an Aztec emperor, the falls are staggeringly high with a 104-metre drop into the surrounding Tasmanian forests. We recommend checking out these falls as part of an eight-kilometre walking track for the ultimate adventurous experience.

Image source: Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service

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