Mirror of the Mind NFT art

"Mirror of the Mind" by Krista Kim | Source: OpenSea

Christie’s Partners with OpenSea to Auction NFT Art

As part of its first-ever on-chain NFT auction, Christie’s has teamed up with NFT marketplace OpenSea to sell a range of NFT art.

Featuring digital art like Forever by Mad Dog Jones as well as collectibles including a couple of Cyberkongz and an Ether Rock, the auction follows on from the A$40 million sales of the NFT HUMAN ONE by Beeple last month.

Curated by Christie’s Head of Digital and Online Sales Noah Davis and Crypto Collector and Curator Ronnie Pirovino, the NFT art and collectibles sold under the virtual hammer using cryptocurrency, Ethereum.

My hope is that this will be the beginning of a new era for NFT sales at Christie’s, where this amazing technology can be deployed to its full potential and help to onboard even more traditional contemporary art collectors to Web3.

Noah Davis, Christie’s Head of Digital and Online Sales

A number of works from the collection were on exhibition during Art Basel Miami Beach, including WAVEFORM by musical artist 3LAU. Powered by Royal, a platform that allows people to buy ownership in songs, the successful buyer of WAVEFORM, which sold for 77 ETH (A$A$468,621 at time of writing), will gain full master recording and publishing rights to the 1/1 song.

Of the collection’s two CyberKongz, CyberKong #201 sold for 185 ETH, the equivalent of A$1,125,909 at the time of writing and the top sale of Christie’s x OpenSea.

Other notable NFT sales include fRiENDSiES 00001 which was purchased for 96.9 ETH or A$589,733 and EXISTENCE// by FVCKRENDER which was sold for 32.225 ETH or approximately A$196,121.

Pure White Zero, a programmatically generated combination from the RECUR Pass NFT Collection, sold for 96 ETH or approximately A$584,255 at the time of writing.

Tom Sachs’ Through the Night Softly also sold for 50 ETH or A$303,251.

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