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Cocktail Hour: The Best Gin Cocktails to Make This Weekend

Defined by a dry and delicate flavour profile, it’s little wonder as to why gin has become so popular over the past few years. From classic botanical gins to dessert-inspired mixes, the gin market is now bursting with options and cocktail recipes – even gin subscription services – giving you plenty of choices when it comes to the weekend tipple.

Evoking sunny days spent out in a lively garden bar, you can’t go wrong with a refreshing gin cocktail. From the classic Negroni to a summery Sangria, here are some of the tastiest gin-based cocktails to try this weekend.

Aromatic G&T

Packed with the scents of summer, this Aromatic G&T is a simple yet effective way to take your usual gin and tonic to the next level while bringing out the botanical bouquet of, in this case, Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation Gin.

Just pour a shot of Aviation Gin into a fishbowl-style glass filled with ice, top with your choice of tonic water and, after stirring, garnish with fresh grapefruit wedges and a sprig of refreshing mint.

Aviation Gin G&T
Source: Aviation Gin

Classic Negroni

Easily the most well-known Italian cocktail, the humble Negroni is the perfect gin-based concoction for those who prefer bitterness over sweetness. Simply mix equal parts Campari, gin and red vermouth, pour over a rock glass filled with ice and finish it all off with a slice of orange, or just some twisted orange peel for maximum citrus aroma.

Aviation Sangria

The ultimate summer cocktail, this gin-infused take on sangria is another Instagrammable and tasty gin cocktail crafted by Aviation Gin.

Simply pour a shot of gin and red wine into a shaker, along with a splash of orange juice, pineapple juice and a touch of sugar syrup to taste. Pour over ice and garnish with your choice of berries and some zingy lemon slices and you have a delicious gin sangria.

Source: Aviation Gin

Blackberry Gin

Evoking laid-back summer evenings, this berry-based cocktail requires a little more preparation than your usual Negroni or G&T but pays dividends in flavour and overall look.

First, pour 350g of blackberries, frozen is fine, into a large jar along with 150g of sugar and a 700ml bottle of your gin of choice. After mixing, store your concoction in a cool and dark place, turning it every now and then over the course of two to three weeks.

Once the berries have done their magic, strain the contents and enjoy your very own blackberry gin over ice with soda water or ginger ale. And a splash of lemon juice.

Gin Gimlet

Offering a thirst-quenching burst of zest, the Gin Gimlet is a simple and summery drink you can whip up in no time. Combine equal parts gin and lime cordial over ice before straining into a chic coupe glass- yes, that’s it! Garnish with a thin slice of lime and enjoy with friends.

Fancy a non-alcoholic concoction with the same gin flavour profile? Check out Cocktails With A Twist: Gin Goes On A Health Kick.

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