Traditionally cocktails were a mixture of spirits, sugar, water, and bitters, but have developed over the years to use a variety of ingredients to create complex flavours | Source: Cocktail Porter

Cocktail Kits for Mixing Great Classics at Home

Fun to make and easy to customise, cocktail kits are more popular than ever after lockdowns and restrictions of the pandemic.

Ready to Drink Cocktails (RTDs) saw a 1.1 per cent increase in sales year-on-year in 2021 and now accounts for 1.9 per cent of total alcohol sales in the US according to BevAlc insights, but these drinks produce waste in the form of containers, so why not mix them at home?

This is a list of the best at-home cocktail kits meaning you will be whipping up your very own old fashioned or strawberry daiquiri in no time. Here is the essential addition to your mixology collection.

Mouth Bloody Mary Cocktail Kit

The classic weekend warrior cocktail, the Bloody Mary is the quintessential plan B, for those looking for the hair of the dog, patiently waiting for the weekend brunch to turn into a boozy Sunday lunch.

With two types of tomato-based mix, spicy bitters, infused salt, and pickled green beans delivered straight to your door, this handy cocktail kit from Mouth, only needs vodka and your selection of vegetables or breakfast companions to help you get through the most important meal of the day.

Mouth Bloody Mary Cocktail Kit, A$123.42 | Source: Mouth

Tommy’s Margarita Cocktail Kit

The cocktail of the hour, the Tommy Margherita was invented in San Fransisco in 1990 by Julio Bermejo, fascinated by how agave syrup accentuated the flavour of the tequila in a classic Margherita, he replaced the triple sec with it and a classic was born.

This kit comes complete with tequila, margarita mix, agave syrup, chilli salt, Hawaiian black salt, Wizz Fizz and dehydrated fruit, all the right ingredients for mixing up a few drinks on a warm summers day, or any day of the year really.

Wizz Fizz sherbet is a nice touch, for when you feel like rimming the glass with something a bit sweeter.

Cocktail Porter Tommy’s Margarita Cocktail Kit, A$80 | Source: Cocktail Porter

Martini Cocktail Kit

Stirred and served ice cold, the classic Gin Martini is iconic, a subtle but potent reminder of what cocktails used to be, the origin of cocktail making.

A sophisticated drink for the elegant cocktail drinker, the martini conjures images of tuxedoed gentlemen and glamorous ladies secretly frequenting speakeasies and sipping at the simple but potent mix of gin and vermouth.

Plenty of variations have emerged but there is only one original, this kit includes some good quality essentials and an excellent recipe card written by pro bartenders.

The Cocktail Shop Martini Cocktail Kit, A$74.99 | Source: The Cocktail Shop

Bitters & Bottles Jamaican Mai Tai Cocktail Kit

Something a bit fruitier, this variation of the classic Mai Tai makes great use of the high-ester goodness of Plantation’s Xaymaca rum and combines it with L’Orgeat, a liqueur made from California almonds and to deliver an impactful nutty flavour.

Citrus comes through with the addition of orange-infused Ferrand Dry Curacao liqueur and lime juice to tie together a fantastic variation on a classic Mai Tai with a lingering finish that will encourage you to mix up another one.

Bitters & Bottles Jamaican Mai Tai Cocktail Kit, A$121.89 | Source: Bitters & Bottles

Bitters and Bottles Manhattan Cocktail Kit

One of the all-time cocktail greats, the Manhattan is a dark, sweet and herbaceous cousin of the martini, although sipped by upper society in modern times, the addition of aromatic Vermouth and sharp bitters was, in the past a way to cover up the taste of low-quality bootleg rye whiskey.

The addition of Luxardo maraschino cherries gives the mix a gentle sweetness that balances against the grainy malt whiskey beautifully, making this tipple eminently drinkable.

Bitters and Bottles Manhattan Cocktail Kit, A$109.23 (Source: Bitters and Bottles)

Bourbon Brothers Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit

Another dark cocktail, the Old Fashioned is a potent reminder that complex flavours can be produced using simple ingredients.

This kit comes with your choice of whiskey, either one 700ml bottle of Evan Williams Black Label, Rebel Yell Kentucky Bourbon, Elijah Craig Small Batch or Rowans Creek Small Batch or three 100ml bottles of the first three of these Bourbons.

It also includes 250ml of Australian made bitters, Australian dehydrated orange slices and a pro bartender written cocktail recipe card, all you need is brown sugar.

Bourbon Brothers Old Fashioned Cocktail Kit, A$99.00 | Source: Bourbon Brothers

Agave Lux Daiquiri Cocktail Kit

If you can’t be sitting on a white sandy beach in the Bahamas, the next best thing has to be sipping on an ice-cold Daiquiri, made with your favourite tropical juice, using a few authentic, quality ingredients.

The simplicity of this kit is its greatest quality, the Ron Prohibido Dark Rum and Senor Maguey Organic Agave Nectar complement each other beautifully and transport you to a tropical paradise.

A favourite of writers Ernest Hemingway and John F. Kennedy, the daiquiri was invented in Cuba and this kit stays true to the original simplicity of the classic tropical drink.

Agave Lux Daiquiri Cocktail Kit, A$97.99 | Source: Agave Lux

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