Lovers of unusual aesthetics will take joy in this striking example of Italian glass artistry in this Meldra Chandelier | Source: Meldra

Conventional Lighting: Brighten Your Home With Italian Chandeliers

While modern lighting may be rapidly replacing the traditional crystal chandelier, many of us are still fascinated by the ancient lighting style of the crystal chandelier. Reminiscent of 17th-century theatres, old manor houses and grand ballrooms, the crystal chandelier is still a timeless emblem of beauty and grandeur. Whether you admire vintage customs juxtaposed with modern furniture or a contemporary take on the lighting, here are some of the best crystal chandeliers for your residence.

Rural Entwined Vine Chandelier

This traditional candle style chandelier blends vintage and contemporary elements into one gorgeous piece of lighting. With six candles laid out in a symmetrical design and a delicate twisting crystal vine, the chandelier will bring a touch of beauty into any room.

Image: Rural Entwined Vine Chandelier $1,166.00 | Source: Litfad

6-Light Tiered Crystal Chandelier 

This umbrella style crystal chandelier features a metal frame plated with a premium antique silver finish. With layered and dangling crystals, the lighting is the epitome of luxury. We love this chandelier as a centrepiece in a kitchen or dining area.

Image: 6-Light Tiered Crystal Chandelier $1,088.00 | Source: Homary

Meldra 8-Bulb Chandelier

Lovers of unusual aesthetics will take joy in this striking example of Italian glass artistry: Meldra’s playfully curved frame is adorned with eight elegant glass light bulb fixtures in tempera white – the light radiated from the candle-shaped bulbs emphasises their beauty especially well. The unusual design is complemented by the countless fruits made of Murano glass, which hang from Meldra. This chandelier lends an extravagant flair to many different interior styles and looks great even when unlit.

Image: Meldra Chandelier $4,294.00 | Source: Varsailles Chandeliers

Contemporary Wave LED Chandelier

This modern take on the traditional crystal chandelier is made to stun. With nine lights structured in an extended raindrop style, the lighting adds an element of depth and beauty to a room with high ceilings.

Image: Contemporary Wave LED Chandelier $1,587.00 | Source: Designer Chandelier

Gio Crystal Dining Room Chandelier

Made with K9 crystals, this gold crystal chandelier is an essential lighting centrepiece. Its unique rectangular design makes the lighting stand out from other modern crystal chandeliers and is guaranteed to add a wow statement to your home.

Image: Morsale Collection $1,795.00 | Source: Morsale Collection

Tulim 18-Light Crystal Chandelier

Made in aged brass with G9 crystals, this lighting offers a more subtle version of the chandelier for those who want to enjoy a quieter lighting approach. With its sleek gold stems and crystal bulbs, this chandelier’s simple design will fit seamlessly into any room.

Image: Gio Crystal Dining Room Chandelier $$2,400.00 | Source: 7Pandas

Modern Ring Hanging Lamp

This bohemian chandelier is guaranteed to bring a little glamour into your home. With its gold scrolled arms, six clear bulbs and draped sparkling crystals, this chandelier will make you will fall back in love with vintage.

Image: Modern Ring Hanging Lamp $2,871.00 | Source: Litfad

If you’re fascinated by contemporary lighting trends then you may be interested in our favourite modern chandeliers.

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