Skincare brand, Glow Recipe have released a new fruity serum | Source: Glow Recipe

Could This Glow Recipe Serum Be the Answer to Dark Spots?

Fading dark spots on the skin is no easy feat. Caused by post-inflammation pigmentation, in other words, the discolouration left behind by acne, insect bites or rashes, dark spots can be tricky to fade. Enter, Glow Recipe’s latest product: the Guava Vitamin C Dark Spot Serum.

In true Glow Recipe fashion, the dark spot serum comes in ultra Instagrammable packaging and a fresh and fruity scent. But it’s not all looks.

According to dermatologists, the wonder ingredients you’re looking for in fading those pesky dark spots are niacinamide, vitamin C, retinoids and tranexamic acid. Glow Recipe’s latest offering is packed with five forms of vitamin C and tranexamic acid as well as glow-producing ingredients like Guava Seed Oil and vitamin E.

Tranexamic acid is set to become the skincare industry’s new favourite ingredient, with more evidence to support its efficacy in reducing the appearance of dark spots, particularly dark spots caused by sun exposure. Tranexamic acid has also been identified as a less irritating skincare ingredient than many of its counterparts, including glycolic acid.

And in conjunction with Glow Recipe’s stable and encapsulated form of vitamin C, the Guava serum can be used by those with sensitive skin too.

When it comes to treating dark spots, be sure to apply sunscreen to protect your skin from further pigmentation.

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