Nodpod weighted blanket for the eyes

Take your slumber to the next level with these weighted eye masks | Source: Nodpod

Could Weighted Sleep Masks Be the Secret to a Good Night’s Sleep?

Like a weighted blanket for your tired and weary eyes, weighted sleep masks are the ultimate bedtime accessory for restless sleepers and migraine sufferers alike.

By applying gentle pressure around the eyes as well as blocking out light, weighted sleep masks can help you to feel relaxed and calm, leading to a better night’s sleep. While there’s no scientific evidence around the use of weighted masks to enhance sleep, reviewers say the pressure from a weighted mask has helped them relax, leading to a deep slumber. Reviewers have also noted that side sleepers won’t get much benefit out of these masks as they don’t apply an even amount of pressure when wearers aren’t laid on their backs.

Once you’ve put on your luxurious linen bed sheets and silk sleepwear, all you could be missing is one of these weighted eye masks.

Neptune Blanket Weighted Sleep Mask II

Using the same Deep Touch Pressure as the Neptune Blanket, this weighted eye mask applies gentle, even pressure that doesn’t press down on the eyes when using the provided eye cups. Perfect for migraine sufferers, the mask comes with a weighted insert and cooling gel insert, so you can adjust the accessory to your needs.

Wearers will also appreciate the comfortable and adjustable band which is secured by micro-hook velcro so hair doesn’t get tangled.

Neptune Blanket Weighted Sleep Mask II
Neptune Blanket Weighted Sleep Mask II, A$59 | Source: Neptune Blanket

IMAK Eye Pillow and Pain Relief Mask

Designed by an orthopaedic surgeon, IMAK’s Eye Pillow and Pain Relief Mask uses ergoBeads to gently mould to the shape of your eyes and face while applying gentle compression. The mask can be stored in the freezer to offer a cooling effect which is great for those with eye strain and head pain, while the unique stitches ensure eyelashes don’t get caught on the inside of the mask.

IMAK Eye Pillow & Pain Relief Mask
IMAK Eye Pillow & Pain Relief Mask, A$37 | Source: BodyHeal

Kitsch Lavender Weighted Mask

Coated in sumptuous satin, this weighted mask offers a delicate feel on the face while encouraging a deep and restorative rest with its added weight and aromatic lavender seeds. Pop on this weighted mask from Kitsch for a moment of calm or before drifting off into a deep slumber.

Kitsch Lavender Weighted Mask
Kitsch Lavender Weighted Mask, A$34 | Source: Cult Beauty

Nodpod Weighted Blanket For Your Eyes

Unlike other weighted eye masks, Nodpod’s Weighted Blanket For Your Eyes is strap-free, meaning you can easily distribute pressure across pressure points to help soothe overactive minds as well as headaches. Filled with machine washable microbeads, the Nodpod mask is comprised of four weighted pods and can be popped in the freezer for a cooling effect.

Nodpod Weighted Blanket For Your Eyes
Nodpod Weighted Blanket For Your Eyes, A$34 | Source: Nodpod

Super Sleeper Pro Weighted Eye Mask

Designed for versatile use and maximum relaxation, the Super Sleeper Pro Weighted Eye Mask comes with a gel insert that can be placed in the fridge or freezer for a cooling effect or in hot water for a soothing warm sensation. Thanks to its oversized design, the eye mask blocks out light and allows you to settle into stillness with its gentle application of pressure.

Super Sleeper Pro Weighted Eye Mask
Super Sleeper Pro Weighted Eye Mask, A$29.25 | Source: Kleva Range

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