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Cruise in Style With The Most Expensive Golf Buggies

Golf began as a humble game with players carrying their clubs around the course, tackling any terrain in any weather. Nowadays, whilst still a gentleman sport, players can enjoy the ease of cruising around the course in a golf buggy. The benefits are obvious – it allows you to focus all your attention on the round – without the added strain of wandering the course carrying clubs on your back.

While still a handy golfing accessory, expensive golf buggies have become a symbol of luxury. Some are flashy, top of the range rides that cost more than many cars. Here are some of the most expensive golf buggies on the market today. 

The Ferrari F5

Price: A$27,000

The Ferrari F5 Cart stands out in the same bright red colour that’s a signature of Ferrari and features similar head and tail lights just on a smaller scale. The cart is fast, making sure you get around the course in style, reaching top speed of 38km/h and has the same two seat coupe layout. Other features include an alpine stereo system with a CD player and custom 15 inch rims. The base price for this golf cart starts at around A$27,000 but with customisable options available, including a hard top version, prices may vary depending on the options.

Hummer 6 Pack Limo H3

Price: A$30,000

Built by Bad Ass Golf Carts in Las Vegas, this golf cart has a lot in common with the real life hummer and is even licensed to General Motors. The Hummer golf cart is built to factory specs with the 72 Volt A/C motor providing high power and high speed. The US company can customise the cart to your needs. Upgrade the seats in luxury leather such as ostrich and alligator, add a custom paint job or swap your tires to off-road. The original H3 Hummer version of this cart doesn’t feature the 6 seats, they’re a luxury upgrade that will cost you around A$5,000.

The Royal Limo

Price: A$33,992

When one of the best golf buggies is styled after a luxury car, it’s bound to have a hefty price tag. The Royal Limo is designed to look like the Rolls Royce Phantom and sells for over A$30,000. The limited edition luxury golf cart is far from your usual cart featuring leather seating for six people and an Alpine sound system with CD player. The cart’s similarity to the Phantom is uncanny. The outside copy’s the cars classic two-toned paint job complete with headlights, grill and custom 15-inch polished rims.

Garia Soleil de Minuit Golf Cart

Price: Starting at A$19,100 up to over A$60,000

The Brooklyn

Price: Around $17,000

Pennwick is another custom golf cart manufacturer, and one of their standout carts is the Brooklyn. Designed after a Bentley, the Brooklyn is another extremely large golf cart that can fit six people in total. It starts at $16,500 dollars and it features a fibreglass body, an electric powertrain, 12-inch rims, side mirrors, and it can reach speeds of 20 mph.

The Garia Via

Price: From $18,000

Unlike the other golf carts on our list that are designed after real cars, the Garia Via is constructed from the ground up. Rather than being a “novelty” luxury golf cart, the Garia Via cart is for the golf aficionado. The Garia Via is constructed like a car, it has premium leather seats, 10-inch aluminium wheels, glove boxes, an ice box, a touchscreen dashboard, head and tail lights, a heated windshield, and more. 

If you’re looking to make your next round a little easier have a look at the Best Electric Golf Buggies of 2021.

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