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Cryotherapy: The Best Clinics to Visit in Melbourne

Boasting benefits like improved sleep and enhanced mood, increased metabolism, reduced inflammation and more youthful-looking skin through localised treatments – cryotherapy seems to be the best way to improve your overall wellbeing. Heal yourself from the outside in at these top cryotherapy clinics in Melbourne.

Alchemy Cryotherapy Centre

Located in South Yarra, Alchemy Cryotherapy Centre offer full body cryo sessions to rejuvenate and revitalise. To a song of your choice, the chamber takes the temperature below -110C for two to three minutes and can even accommodate up to four people. One session is priced at A$75.

Ritual Cryotherapy

Offering both whole body and localised cryotherapy treatments, Ritual Cryotherapy is another great option for getting your cryo fix in Melbourne. You can also get the ‘frotox’ treatment which involves a controlled stream of pressurised liquid nitrogen applied to the face, neck and scalp to increase collagen in the skin and reduce fine lines.

Rejuven8 Cryotherapy

Located in Bentleigh East, Rejuven8 Cryotherapy provides full-body cryo sessions so you can heal your body and improve your wellbeing. With an infrared sauna as well as a cryo chamber, Rejuven8 offers cold and hot packages so you can both freeze and sweat.

FRESH Treatments

From vitamin infusions to oxygen therapy, Brunswick based FRESH Treatments is a one-stop shop for all things wellness, including cryotherapy. Offering both full body and localised cryotherapy, you can relieve problem areas from both inside and out.

Melbourne Float House

Located in Kilsyth, Melbourne Float House provides a range of wellness therapies including float therapy, oxygen therapy and cryotherapy. After immersing yourself in temperatures of around -160C, you can expect reduced inflammation, improved sleep and metabolism.

Body Align Recovery

Dedicated to providing premium wellness and recovery services, Body Align Recovery offers chiropractic therapy, altitude training, infrared sauna sessions and more to improve your overall wellbeing. Whole-body cryotherapy sessions are priced at A$89.

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