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Here's how to get into the world's first wine NFT club | Source: Cuvee Collective Twitter

Cuvée Collective: The World’s First Wine NFT Club

Wine, cheese, crackers and NFTs. While it may sound like an unlikely combination, non-fungible tokens have well and truly entered the wine industry.

It may seem like a far-fetched concept, but the wine world is increasingly digitising its products. From Chateau Angélus in France to Penfolds in Australia, the future of wine is seemingly online. It’s a move aimed at increasing the exclusivity of established wine labels and engaging a new market of consumers on the blockchain.

Based in Napa Valley, Cuvée Collective has recently launched the world’s first wine NFT Club. The company secured USD$600,000 worth of funding back in March as well as backing from Silicon Valley Founder Program Hyper.

So, what is a wine NFT club and how does one gain access? We spoke to CEO and founder Andrew Allison to explain.

At Cuvée Collective, we believe that a digital wine ecosystem is about asset ownership. We are placing exclsuive benefits and experiences on the blockchain to validate that there is only a limited amount of people that can access those benefits.

Ride in a hot air balloon or drink wine in the Napa Valley when you gain membership to Cuvée Collective | Source: Cuvee Collective

A fusion of digital and physical benefits, the club combines the digitised luxuries of NFTs and the refined taste of wine collecting. It is currently linked to 3,600 real-life vines.

Andrew said the focus of Cuvée Collective is to bring the wine industry into Web 3.0.

Cuvee Collective is our first project focused on bringing the wine industry into Web3. Initially we are partnering with wine brands throughout the Napa and Sonoma Valleys to bring our NFT holders unique benefits that can be used both digitally and physically. As we look to the future, we hope building this community will be a model as we move forward to other wine regions throughout the world.

Membership to the wine club is through the purchase of an NFT and only limited capacity exists.

NFT holders will have exclusive access to digital Cuvee Collective community programming in addition to physical benefits when visiting different wine regions like Napa Valley to include unique, off-menu experiences at our partner wineries.

Those who purchase an NFT can expect a range of luxury benefits when visiting wine regions within the Napa Valley, including access to a classic car club, hot air balloon rides and a specialised concierge service.

As industries across the board continue to enter the Metaverse, the wine industry is only one of many to digitise its products. If you’re interested in NFTs, check out NFTs and the Metaverse: The Next Lucrative Market for Luxury brands.

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