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Day Spa Retreats: The Best Saunas in Melbourne

If you want to get away from the fast-paced and demanding nature of the city, why not escape to one of Melbourne’s best sauna experiences. Found in many day spas are sauna rooms which offer many different benefits that are sometimes overlooked. Spending time to unwind in a sauna will not only be a relaxing experience, but it will also help to detoxify and rejuvenate your skin, improve blood circulation, cardiovascular function and metabolism, and may also improve sleep quality. So, why not prioritise you and head to one of these five day spas for the ultimate sauna experience.

Chuan Spa

Sitting in front of the Yarra River is The Langham Hotel where you can find the Chuan Spa. This day spa builds on oriental traditions to offer many different treatment packages. However, the crowd favourite is the tri-bathing ritual which is ideal for calming the mind, body and soul. The ritual involves a spacious water jacuzzi that offers a remarkable view of Melbourne. Then, a traditional sauna awaits followed by a deluxe steam-shower along the river stone snail shower. If you’re looking for a new day-spa to try and are based in Melbourne, this one is a must-try.

Sense of Self Bathhouse

Nestled on the border of Collingwood and Fitzroy is the Sense of Self Bathhouse which occupies a two-storey converted brick warehouse. Filmmaker-turned-bathing enthusiast Mary Minas and botanist-come-hotelier Freya Berwick, teamed up to create a Scandinavian-inspired contemporary space that would draw on global practices to meet modern needs in an inclusive way. It offers a large mineral bath, a Finnish sauna that’s set to 80 degrees celsius, a pail shower, cold plunge, a day spa, and more.

Crown Spa

If you want a truly indulgent experience, why not immerse yourself in all the Crown Spa has to offer. The Crown Spa prides itself on offering the perfect escape for a moment of pure, unbridled luxury. It gives you the ultimate day spa experience which includes (but isn’t limited to) a private vitality spa, Swiss shower and a steam room that provides heat to warm the body and eliminate toxins. Then, you can choose from a number of different massage treatments and spa packages that suit you and your needs.

Sensu Spa

The Sensu Spa is a Japanese-inspired wellness spa that offers many different healing and nurturing massages and customised beauty treatments. But, what sets it apart from other day spas is its float and sauna experience. Essentially, float therapy involves being in a lightless floatation tank which promotes a meditative state and optimal relaxation. For total bliss, you can follow this with a sauna session. Alternatively, you can select the ‘revive massage and sauna package’ which includes a 30-minute sauna session and 60-minute massage of your choice.

Nimbus & Co – Melbourne

Nimbus & Co dedicates itself to providing a rejuvenating massage and sauna experience across three locations in Byron Bay, Bondi and Melbourne. Nimbus & Co’s Melbourne studio has been described as an ‘urban sanctuary’ in the heart of Richmond. Its deeply therapeutic infrared saunas were first developed in 1970s Japan and have been refined ever since. Feel free to meditate, read, stretch, or listen to music or a podcast by connecting your bluetooth to the in-built speakers. Then, enjoy a post-sauna rinse and make use of the Leif botanicals skincare.

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