Deciem at Home – Skincare Advice from the Comfort of your Home

Science savvy skin-care gurus Deciem, also known as the parent company of The Ordinary and NIOD, will be launching their very own live virtual consultation dubbed Deciem at Home. 

The platform will serve as a way to connect users with Deciem advisers through HERO – and innovative engagement technology that allows the skincare company to interact with customers through instant messages, two-way video chat, photos, and video calls.

Deciem Co-Founder and CEO, Nicola Kilner said, “In a moment of uncertainty, the power of human connection is a most certain need right now, and we acknowledge that. We at Deciem have been thinking of ways to help bring back a ‘human’ touch and connect with our community again – after all, Deciem believes that beauty is being kind.

Photo: Deciem CEO, Nicola Kilner

Deciem was started by Brandon Truaxe, who decided to develop his own lab after becoming embittered with the beauty industry’s dishonest marketing messages, lack of integrity, and jaw-dropping markups. “Commonplace technologies are referred to as groundbreaking, and insensible pricing strategies confuse the audience,” Truaxe said.

From its very beginning, the brand has embraced the values of human connection and transparency, resulting in a loyal fan base and a large Instagram following. Its popularity has been bolstered by direct online communication with its customers. Truaxe was keen on cutting out the middle-man of the marketing interface and was well known for his frequent and honest online dialogue with customers.

Photo: Deciem Online

“We knew that only good things could come from being able to meet the people who support our journey in person.” CEO, Nicola Kilner said, “Deciem at Home will be an online reflection of the educated, human experience that our store ambassadors are so passionate about delivering daily. We really want people to become educated within the beauty space, to know exactly what they are putting on their skin and to understand if they are overpaying for ingredients.” 

For those whose iso-skin care routine has gone AWOL, access to this expert advice might be just the ticket. It is also comforting to hear their unique view of skincare as healthcare, not a luxury but a necessity, and in this moment of uncertainty, the power of human connection feels like what we need now.

Photo: Chaple Street, Melbourne Store

DECIEM’s no-nonsense, science-based approach has seen the company lead a beauty industry shift —from glossy marketing and overpriced luxury packaging to a no-frills, research-backed product. Few marketing bills means more ingredients and less of a price tag for the consumer.

Customers can access this new functionality via product pages across DECIEM’s website. Using phone, tablet, or computer, the chat will be instantly activated and can also be accessed through Deciem store’s Google location listings.

Users will be able to interact and share instant messages, 2-way video chat, photos, and videos with DECIEM ambassadors  The technology directs users to their nearest store ambassador, meaning that product availability and pricing is consistent with the customer’s location. It also means that those who shop in-store regularly may see some familiar faces online.

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