21 Savage is the face of the Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer Capsule Collection which fuses the California beach and skate scene with the colourful world of high fashion | Source: L'Officiel

Destilling Cali-Cool: Virgil Abloh’s Spring/Summer Capsule Collection Featuring 21 Savage

The late Virgil Abloh, streetwear proponent and first-ever African-American artistic director of Louis Vuitton’s 2021 Summer Capsule Collection pays homage to California’s beach and skate scene in an inspired collection.

Atlanta rapper 21 Savage stars as Abloh’s creative muse and captivates in brilliant graffiti-esque and watercolour-painted hues that contrast then blend with the West Coast seascape in the Louis Vuitton Spring/Summer Capsule Collection.

Populated by chic urban dwellers who look like they should be cruising down Venice beach, doing kickflips and grinding the nearest rail, the campaign is informed by 21 Savage’s chilling past, growing up on the streets and finding a way out of a violent life of crime through music.

The collection is in line with Louis Vuitton’s stated pledge to become fully sustainable by 2025, the Spring/Summer 2021 Capsule Collection makes use of responsibly sourced cotton and wool, along with recycled nylons, its colour palette avoids the use of chlorine and metals

Source: L’Officiel

Streetwear workhorse items like trousers, sneakers, duffles, cross-body bags, suits, hoodies, crewnecks, outerwear and jewellery are given a very welcome refresh with a very west coast vibe, the messy iconic pop watercolour Louis Vuitton patterns leaping out from Japanese denim jackets and cosy cotton jumpers.

Bucket short brim hats and matching sneakers give the collection its street-smart feel, Abloh having declared “street wear is dead” in December 2019.

Source: L’Officiel

He was apparently doing his best to give it new life, melding streetwear principals with high-fashion elements to design clothes that straddled the boundary between the two.

Abloh’s collection is a brave foray into Cali-cool, LA being the prime breeding ground for grass-roots fashion movements to flourish, the collection is inspired by the kooky designs of the heavily populated California coast, where cosmopolitan sensibilities take a back seat to the ostentatious eye-grabbing use of colour.

Source: L’Officiel

California and more particularly LA is a place where the usual priorities of outfit design and selection are tossed aside and the rules of fashion are broken often by disaffected youth, the collection seems to be attempting to refine the material complexities of streetwear and in doing so reference the subtle sophistication of the style.

Virgil Abloh said he tries to convey a sense of the infinite in his designs, here that concept is continued through its ambition of bringing west coast street fashion up to the high standards of a major French house of fashion, this menswear line is cheeky and playful, yet clean-cut and fresh, the basic tenets of LA style.

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