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Transform your home with AI-enabled appliances | Source: Samsung

Digitising Domestic Work: The AI Appliances Making their Way into Our Homes

We’ve long been swapping out hand-mixing for food processors, brooms and bulky vacuums for robotic Roombas and hand held scrubbers and sponges for dishwashers. While words like ‘artificial intelligence’ and ‘robots’ tend to conjure dystopian, Terminator-like images, the reality is that many of us have already welcomed artificial intelligence or ‘smart tech’ into our homes.

And it’s no secret why. Smarter and faster, AI-equipped appliances are more efficient than many traditional at-home methods and the market recognises this fact. In 2021, the global artificial intelligence market was valued at an incredible US$93.5 billion (A$125.7 billion) and is expected to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 38.1 per cent between 2022 to 2030.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Science Fiction Writer Arthur C Clarke

As artificial intelligence creeps into our homes and convenience takes over, we’ve rounded up this list of home appliances you need to begin the digital domestic revolution.

Smart Fridges

Gone are the days of your fridge simply keeping your food and drinks chilled. Smart fridges are here to look up recipes, play music, create grocery lists and make your life that much easier.

Fisher and Paykel Active Smart Fridge

Simple yet efficient, the Fisher and Paykel Smart Fridge includes technology to evenly distribute cool air around your fridge contents even if the door is left open.

Custom built for entertaining, the freezer includes a “Bottle Chill” function for your whites or chilled reds.

Fisher and Paykel Active Smart Fridge
Fisher and Paykel Active Smart Fridge, A$2,499 | Source: Camberwell Electronics

Samsung Family Hub Fridge

The future is here with the Samsung Family Hub Fridge. This appliance boasts advanced tech with a smart screen letting you check the contents of your fridge and change the temperature while you’re out of the house. You can also have a recipe on screen, listen to music or watch your favourite show as you cook.

Samsung 616L Family Hub Fridge Matte Black,
Samsung 616L Family Hub Fridge Matte Black, A$3,188.00 | Source: Costco

Smart Coffee Makers

Competing with your local coffee shop and favourite barista, this coffee machine has been equipped with AI to make the smartest long mac you could want.

Start your mornings a little differently with this AI-enabled coffee machine from Jura.

Jura Z6 Coffee Machine

Jura has overhauled the at-home coffee pot with the Z6 Coffee machine powered by AI. Enjoying a long list of innovative features, the Z6 includes a professional aroma grinder, 22 coffee specialties and up to 10 levels of adjustable strength.

Promising the full barista experience, the Jura will use its artificial intelligence to predict your morning coffee. Using the owner’s historical coffee choices the Jura will predict what your next cup of coffee should be, according to your tastes.

Z6 Jura Coffee Machine
Z6 Jura Coffee Machine, A$3,950.00 | Source: JURA Australia

Smart Toasters

If you think a toasters capabilities start and end at toasting bread, you’d be wrong. Change your morning breakfast with this award-winning AI-equipped toaster from Revolution Cooking.

R180 Smart Toaster

Revolutionising your morning toast, the R180 is designed to modernise your kitchen. Its smart screen lets you choose from five options of bread including bagels, waffles, muffins or pastries. After selecting your bread, you can decide on your ideal level of “toastiness”.

R180 high-speed smart toaster
R180 high-speed smart toaster, A$857.27 | Source: Gadget Flow

Air Fryers

Air fryers are the golden ticket to a smart kitchen. Taking half the time to cook your food as an oven or stove without a drop of oil, they are the epitome of convenience.

Philips Premium Collection Air Fryer

Sleek and equipped with smart sensing technology, the Philips Air Fryer will automatically adjust time and temperature for you. This Philips air fryer is equipped with rapid air technology, cooking meals 1.5 times faster than an oven with no pre-heating necessary. The air fryer also includes a keep warm mode for up to 30 minutes.

No meal will ever be burnt in this air fryer, ensuring dinners are cooked to perfection.

Phillips Premium Collection Air Fryer XXL
Phillips Premium Collection Air Fryer XXL, A$579.00 | Source: Amazon

LG Instaview Range with Air Fryer

Transforming your cooking experience, LG has revealed the Instaview Range with Air Fryer and AI technology. Simply knock twice on the glass window to reveal the oven’s interiors and check up on your cooking. This feature, made possible because of AI, means you never need to open the oven door and slow down cooking times.

What’s more, this oven-air fryer can be connected to your Google Assistant or Alexa and controlled via voice command.

The LG Range with Air Fryer is also equipped with a self-clean mechanism, free from chemicals and finished in only 10 minutes.

Smart Wi-Fi Enabled True Convection Instaview Electric Range
Smart Wi-Fi Enabled True Convection Instaview Electric Range with Air Fry, A$ 1,249.00 | Source: LG

Smart Lighting and Temperature Systems

Smart lighting and temperature systems are the key to living in comfort and ease, with the touch of a button. Here are two systems to consider equipping your home with.

Control 4 Home Lighting System

Boasting hands-free illumination, the Control 4 Home lighting system comes with motion sensors to detect when and where you need light. Using your voice, you can also command the system to turn lights off and on from the comfort of your bed.

The central keypad includes buttons not only for lights but music, thermostats and locks.

Control 4 Home Lighting Automation System
Control 4 Home Lighting Automation System. Prices vary | Source: Prodigy

KNX Home Lighting

Bringing cutting edge technology and simplicity to your life, KNX offers multiple design options and a range of products. With the touch of a button, conveniently create your own atmosphere by opening your blinds in the morning, turning on lights when you’re out of the house or manage the ventilation and air-conditioning of your bedroom.

Robot Mops

Put the bucket and the mop away, because robot mops are here to make your life that much easier. The ideal companion to a robot vacuum, robot mops will cover your hardwood floors and leave your home spotless.

Dreame Robotic Vacuum and Mop

Combining a self-cleaning mop with vacuum function, the Dreame “cleans, mops and cleans mops”. It includes 4000ml capacity, a self cleaning system to prevent mildew and the ability to make its way into the smallest nooks and crevices of your home with its D-shaped design.

The Dreame recognises carpet material and plans routes to avoid any unnecessary mopping.

Dreame W10 Robotic Vacuum & Mop
Dreame W10 Robotic Vacuum & Mop, A$1,799.00 | Source: Harvey Norman

ECOVACS Robotic Mop

Using True Detect 3D Object Avoidance Technology, this robotic mop uses laser beam projection to create a map of its surroundings. This robot mop is quick, smooth and can remove up to 99.26 per cent of bacteria on floors, according to a study by the Hygiene and Microbiology Research Centre.

Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
Ecovacs Deebot Ozmo Robotic Vacuum Cleaner, A$1,299.00 | Source: Amazon

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