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COBRA Candleholder Set, Medium, Matte Stainless Steel

The unconventional but elegant shape of the Cobra candle holder collection gained them immediate and huge popularity. The sinuous flowing form draws attention and looks particularly striking when placed in a group as the lines seem to move and merge together as the silver surface catches the light. This two-pack makes a perfect gift to someone with a strong sense of style.

Photo: Georg Jensen Candleholder $210.00

Designer Constantin Wortmann’s striking Cobra series was inspired by the sensuous lines of the snake itself. Wortmann’s understanding of shape and form makes him the perfect collaborator for Georg Jensen and the partnership has lead to some of the company’s most popular pieces.

KOPPEL Vase, Medium, Blue Stoneware

The legendary Henning Koppel’s work is synonymous with both the heritage of Georg Jensen and indeed with Danish design itself. Working endlessly in his pursuit of reconciling form and function, Koppel was obsessed with creating everyday objects that were beautiful without sacrificing practicality.

Photo: Georg Jensen Stoneware Vase $100.00

His work has stood the test of time and continues to be a source of inspiration to new generations of designers. Most recently the Georg Jensen design team have taken original Koppel designs and reworked them to new variations of his iconic pieces. Original Koppel watercolour sketches from the archive have inspired and introduced a new colour palette of black, steel and shades of blue.

Frequency Bowl, Medium Mirror Polished Stainless Steel

Centrepiece to any table or dresser. The highly polished surface of the bowl reflects the light in the same way as water whilst the flowing shape of the stand pushes craftsmanship to its very limit.

Photo: Georg Jensen Frequency Bowel $150.00

Internationally renowned American designer Kelly Wearstler has collaborated with Georg Jensen on the Frequency collection, bringing together a love of natural forms that embody both her Californian aesthetic and the company’s heritage. Her designs evoke the drama of the West Coast Ocean but at the same time have a warmth and beauty that is pure Scandinavia. The Frequency bowl is made from stainless steel, hand-polished to a mirror-like shine.

Holder For HK 10 cm Clocks And Weatherstations

Henning Koppel was one of the most prolific and influential Georg Jensen collaborators. During a career that spanned five decades, he was responsible for creating much of what we have come to think of as Danish design.

In keeping with his reputation as the father of functionalism, Koppel created a number of clocks and weather stations whose sleek shapes were perfect for indoor or outdoor use.

Photo: Georg Jensen Clock $50.00

The new Holder can be used with any of the 10cm items and is an easy way to bring Koppel’s signature style to any shelf, desk or tabletop.  The Holder lets you display Henning Koppel’s clocks, barometers, hygrometers and thermometers on any surface. Note: Fits clocks and weather stations produced since 2007.

HK Bonbonniere Turnip

The combination of natural materials and shiny steel, along with the organic shape inspired by nature are all hallmark characteristics of a Henning Koppel design. His original version of this beautiful bonbonniere – or sweet box – was in dark wood and silver but the paler oak and stainless steel update  this a more contemporary aspect.

Photo: Georg Jensen Turnip $160.00

Henning Koppel was one of the most prolific Georg Jensen designers and his work still resonates today with his instinctive understanding of form and function. Elegant, understated and organic, his products typify Scandinavian design. The base of the bonbonniere is carved from solid oak and the top from mirror-polished steel. A beautiful way to store any small treasures, the box makes a thoughtful and stylish gift.

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