Bree Nichols and Jenny Cheng

Source: SIP'ER

Discover Female-Led Alcohol Brands with SIP’ER

Describing themselves as the online version of your friendly neighbourhood bar, SIP’ER was born from founders Bree Nicholls and Jenny Cheng’s shared interest in the alcohol industry – and a shared love of a good drink of course.

“The idea for SIP’ER came after a conversation with a female brewer regarding women’s representation within the alcohol space,” the founders told me, “and after searching far and wide, we found there weren’t any online retailers that made it easy for consumers to purchase and support women-led drinks. So it really was a combination of our personal interests, an issue we were passionate about and a gap in the consumer-facing space.”

Stocking and selling women-led alcohol, SIP’ER shines a much-needed spotlight on talented women in the alcohol industry, from producers to growers. Featuring stories about stand-out Australian sips and the women involved, SIP’ER aims to address the lack of recognition that has long affected women in the industry.

“Historically, it is quite a male-dominated industry, however so many women are now winemakers, brewers and distillers, doing incredible things, without getting the same level of credit. It definitely has started to shift in a positive direction over the last few years, but it’s an ongoing issue and a conversation that we’re really excited to be a part of.”

Serving as a one-stop-shop for lesser-known Australian and international booze brands, SIP’ER stocks everything from hard lemonade to sake, and could just fill the current gap in your bar cart.

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