The Floating House designed by Dymitr Malcew can easily be docked at a marina, lake, river or bay. | Source: Archello

Discover Luxury Off-the-Grid Living with Floating Homes

When luxury living by the water isn’t enough, you’re in need of a floating home. Offering uninterrupted views of your chosen marina or bay, luxury living on the water and off-the-grid grants floating homeowners slow-paced, relaxing living; an increasingly attractive concept amid a pandemic.

With architects and engineers discovering new and innovative ways to bring luxury living to the sea, the world has seen the rise of ‘blue development’, a concept quite literally anchored around bringing properties of all kinds to the water. The result is bedrooms beneath the sea, liveable yachts and sky decks with 360-degree views of the sea.

The Floating Seahorse

Priced at approximately A$3.86 million, The Floating Seahorse is the pinnacle of luxury floating living. Designed by the Kleindienst Group, the floating villas will reside in Dubai’s artificial archipelago known as The Heart of Europe where buyers will be able to sunbathe on an observation deck and sleep among the coral in their submerged bedroom.

Featuring three levels, The Floating Seahorse comes equipped with all the essentials, including a hot tub, mini-bar, plunge pool and floor to ceiling windows so you can enjoy incredible views of the archipelago. Owners of these incredible floating homes will have to reach their ocean oasis by boat or seaplane.

The Floating House

Designed by architect Dymitr Malcew for French developer H2ORIZON, The Floating House takes sleek minimalist design to the waters. While each floating home is designed specifically to its location and a client’s needs, all rooms offer sweeping views of the surrounding landscape for an inside-outside feel.

Using a system of columns, The Floating House can absorb micro-movements from the water and be transported to different locations thanks to its mobile structure. Although the price tag on this architectural masterpiece is unknown, one could only imagine a floating home like this certainly isn’t cheap.

Arkup 75

Dubbed a liveable yacht by innovative blue developer group Arkup, the Arkup 75 takes off-the-grid living to a new and greener level. Topped with solar panels, this incredible floating home is powered by green energy and collects rainwater so owners can live in a self-sufficient floating paradise.

With the ability to travel at five knots, the Arkup 75 can be docked at metro marinas or tranquil bays. To buy your own slice of buoyant luxury living, the furnished Arkup 75 will cost you approximately A$7.5 million.


Designed by +31 ARCHITECTS in 2015, this incredible Watervilla moored in Amsterdam offers uninterrupted views of the river Amstel as well as a buoyant terrace. Drawing architectural inspiration from boats, one half of the floating home is submerged in the river while the other half sits on the water’s surface. Featuring open plan living, large glass sliding doors and floating steps between the bedrooms and basement, the Watervilla was built for a private client of +31 ARCHITECTS at an unknown price.

Boatel Luxury

Can’t see yourself living away from land full-time? Get a taste of luxury living on the water with Boatel Luxury. Offering a sky lounge, alfresco dining, gourmet kitchen and swimming platform, Boatel Luxury brings the Mediterranean to the outback with its tour of the Murray River from Mildura, Victoria.

With five first-class bedrooms, a personal chef and luxury toiletries, you and your family or friends can escape to the river from around A$4,180 for three nights.

Ethuca Luxury Houseboats

With a fully equipped range of luxury houseboats, Ethuca Luxury Houseboats offers a top tier sample of the floating home lifestyle. Featuring generous hot tubs, king beds, a heated outdoor decked area and eight TVs, the Envy Houseboat is the perfect river escape for families in need of some tranquillity, with a weekend stay starting at around A$3,050.

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