Image: Samphire Rottnest Island. Source: Trip Advisor.

Discover Samphire at Rottnest Island

Travel here this year has been the flavour of this holiday season and for many of us holiday-starved locals, we are looking to escape in our own backyard to conclude the summer season. So, why not check out the latest accommodation offering at Rottnest Island, the barefoot luxury beach resort, Samphire Rottnest. 

Thirteen years in the making, this Prendiville Group development embraces all the natural beauty that makes Rottnest Island so famous. Situated in the heart of Thomson Bay, Samphire Rottnest is nestled in this idyllic car-free and care-free island playground right where the ferry arrives from Perth daily. With all the amenities of the main settlement close by you will not only enjoy the accessibility of delightful local cafes and restaurants but also enrich your experience by learning about the fascinating history of this colonial settlement from the mid-1800s. Thompsons Bay is, of course, only one of the 63 stunning beaches you will get to explore whilst visiting this Class A reserve and mini marsupial paradise. 

To retreat back to your accommodation each evening you will be entering into this $30 million architecturally designed resort that has invested in creating a space where you can still immerse yourself in this unique natural setting without losing any of that effortless luxury that Prendiville resorts are so well known for. 

Local Perth architects Christou Design Group has tastefully incorporated all the natural colours and textures into the overall design- with hints of the island’s limestone foundations, earthy textured drywall finishes, pale beechwood panelling, breezy linen curtains and sisal seagrass matting. This is the epitome of relaxed coastal vibes. 

The resort offers 64 generous 30m2 guest rooms and 16 spacious 45-57m2 rooms positioned at the front-row, all with private balconies and views over Thomson Bay and the endless horizons of the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean. 

To enhance their dedication to immersing their guests into the restorative nature that surrounds this resort, each guest is assigned a personalised ‘activities coordinator.’ These liaisons will provide a gateway to active outdoor adventures as well as laid back island activities. For those who are seeking something to get the blood pumping, your activity coordinator can even incorporate several fitness collaborations into your program as well. 

Once all you have completed your self-love, self-care and rigorous fitness why not wash it all down with a few crisp cocktails at the beach club or poolside lounge followed by an exquisite meal at their fine dining restaurant, Lontara, all of which are onsite and overlooking the bay and native landscape gardens on the property.  

We think that this resort really does celebrate the connection of culture and authentic Rotto island life through the carefully considered design married with the beauty of its natural surroundings. When you can take a dip in the brilliant blue sea, tread softly on the bright white sand and bask in the glow of the pastel-coloured skies, all just a hop, skip and a jump from Perth’s CBD, there is no excuse not to book this little slice of heaven to celebrate the end of summer this year. 

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