Italian designs studio Lazzarini Design is at it again with yet another eye-popping water vessel challenging the limits of design that could well be the future of leisure in premium style | Source: Lazzarini Designs

Double-Decker Superyacht Concepts for the Uber-Wealthy

Deck space on your average cruise is at a premium, there are too many passengers enjoying the sunset or watching out for whales and crew serving food and drink to fit comfortably on your average boat.

Italian firm Lazzarini Design has come up with a solution for those longing for more space on their beloved seagoing vessel, coming up with an 85m superyacht blueprint with a gaping hole in the middle and two large deck areas, one on top of the other.

The concept superyacht, Icaria, has to be seen to be believed.

The captain has an excellent vantage point over the bow surrounded by a massive single piece of curved glass.

Lazzarini Design

Getting on and off the futuristic watercraft is a breeze as you can land not one but two helicopters on the upper level or pull up alongside the Icaria in a smaller craft and use the yacht’s cranes to lift the craft into one of two tender garages, accessed by two foldable doors.

The substantial lower deck is taken up mostly by a luxuriant bar with the rest of the deck left bare for the owner’s custom fitting of whatever they want.

Lazzarini Design

The lower deck-aft has room for a beach club and space for sun loungers next to stairs leading down to the ocean.

The Green credentials of the Icaria are legitimate, the yacht powered by a hydrogen propulsion system with extensive solar panelling on the roof to facilitate the on-board amenities.

It is the second Superyacht concept from the Italian Firm featuring the unique two level design, the company releasing their Shape concept back in 2021.

Lazzarini Design

At 67m, the Shape concept is slightly smaller than the Icaria but carries off the innovative concept with its sleek lines and distinctive silhouette very nicely, it also features a glass-bottom swimming pool on the upper level.

Lazzarini Design

Lazzarini is no stranger to captivating yacht design, having also created the well-known swan-shaped mega yacht concept, Avanguardia.

Lazzarini Design

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