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Eat Like Royalty: The Seven Most Expensive Ingredients in the World

For some, exotic food is priceless. And, while a slab of freshly caught bluefin tuna might set you back A$2.4 million – the one-percenters are willing to spend just about anything to get their hands on the finest and only the best delicacies for their next dinner party.

For Queen Elizabeth, the delicacy of choice is the Gleneagles pâté, made from smoked salmon, trout and mackerel, using fresh ingredients from the royal estate. The Queen is also reportedly not opposed to a dusting of truffle on her toast for breakfast.

From Beluga caviar to white-Tuscan truffles – we’ve found some of the most costly ingredients in the world worth indulging in.

White Alba Truffle

Sourced from the Tuscan and Piedmont regions in Italy – the White Alba truffle, also known as the tuber magnatum, is treasured as one of the most expensive delicacies in the world. Considered the diamonds of the culinary world, these earthy tasting truffles can fetch up to over A$100,000 with a set of Alba truffles under two pounds in weight costing 75,000 euros.

Beluga Caviar

Although caviar may be considered one of the most expensive ingredients on the market, the crème de la crème of caviar is beluga caviar which can cost upwards of over A$10,000 a kilo. As the name suggests, this caviar is sourced from the beluga sturgeon, typically from the Caspian Sea. But as a critically endangered species, beluga caviar is hard to come by with the US banning the import of the rare caviar and Australia and the UK tightly controlling its importation.

Edible Gold

When it comes to taste, edible gold really is redundant. But in terms of aesthetics, many top chefs turn to the luxurious ingredient to take dishes to the next level, including Dubai’s Bloomsbury’s Cupcakes. Covered with edible gold and chocolate, the beautifully crafted dessert cost over A$1,300.

Foie Gras

While foie gras is known as the most decadent and expensive dish on the menu, it’s also the most unethical out there. Made with fattened liver of duck or geese which are force-fed in the last few weeks of their lives, foie gras can cost as much $100 per kilo.

Matsutake Mushrooms

Dubbed Japan’s answer to the truffle, Matsutake mushrooms are highly sought after for their supposed rich flavour. Costing over A$1,300 a pound, the Matsutake mushroom is so expensive largely due to its scarcity.

Iberico Ham

Made from the acorn-fed Iberico pig, Iberico ham is as sought after as Wagyu beef thanks to its marbled quality. A whole leg of this ham, specifically the hind leg, can cost up to A$6,000.

Bluefin Tuna

In January 2020, a whopping 608-pound bluefin tuna sold for over A$2.4 million. In other words, bluefin tuna meat is the most prestigious fish you can buy. Often served sashimi style or as a tuna steak, the expensive tuna meat is described as having a delicious fatty flavour.

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