Eco-friendly Wine: Australian Sustainable Wineries Making Big Changes

Sitting back with a glass of wine is one of life’s simple pleasures. But what if we told you that your evening glass can could be environmentally friendly as well as delicious? These six small Australian wineries are paving the way in modern winemaking. Blending innovation with sustainability, these are the wineries worth supporting.

Stormflower Vineyard, Western Australia

This little vineyard makes a big impact. Located in the Margaret River region, Stormflower Vineyard has an organic winemaking philosophy. Committed to using no chemical pesticides, weed killers or fertilisers, the vineyard achieved full organic certification in 2016, and produced its first certified organic vintage in the same year. Pop into Stormflower Vinyard’s onsite cellar door for extended tastings and nibbles.

Ngeringa, South Australia

Ngeringa is one of the first certified biodynamic vineyards and wineries in Australia. Located in the Adelaide Hills, the winery is entwined with a small farm that houses Scottish Highland cows, sheep, chickens, an abundant vegetable patch and extensive revegetation plantings. Specialising in classic, fine wines, the winery also produces organic oils and vegetables. At the cellar door, you can sample some of Ngeringa’s best ranges and small batch alternate varieties.

Mac Forbes, Victoria

With multiple vineyards around the Yarra Valley, Mac Forbes is committed to understanding and working with the land in this wine growing region. To do so, the winery draws upon the knowledge of the local indigenous community who have lived and farmed in this region for over 50,000 years. Mac Forbes growing philosophy places emphasis on regenerative farming, considering soil profiles, rainfall and growing degree days in order to establish vines that are relatively self sufficient.

M&J Becker Wines, New South Wales

Located in the world-renowned Hunter Valley, M&J Becker Wines use the region’s ability to produce dry and environmentally sustainable wines to their advantage. Requiring little manipulation in the cellar, M&J Becker wines are produced in naturally optimal climate conditions for dry wines. This year, the winery was voted Cellar Door of the year, offering premium tastings with an assortment of gourmet artisan cheeses.

Glaetzer-Dixon, Tasmania

Sixth generation vigneron, Nick Glaetzer transformed an old Hobart ice factory into Tasmania’s first urban winery and tasting room. Hailing from the Barossa Valley, Glaetzer has worked in wine regions all around Australia and the world, bringing old and new techniques to his Glaetzer-Dixon with him. Having planted a 12 hectare vineyard at Tea Tree in the Coal River Valley, the first harvest due in 2022.

La Petite Mort, Queensland

La Petite Mort’s vineyard is located on the western edge of the Great Dividing Range, encompassing 40 hectares of vines, winery and wilderness. Known for pushing the boundaries of winemaking by producing experimental wines with limited intervention, filtering and fining, La Petite Mort’s wines have a distinctly rustic and full flavour. Keep an eye out for upcoming vineyard tours and open days to really get a sense of the way La Petite Mort is changing the winemaking game.

Travelling via car is the easiest way to reach these vineyards. If you’re visiting from another state, you may like to jump onto a local wine tour bus, or treat yourself to a luxury BMW or Mercedes rental with Australian car rental company, Avis.

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