Rose Skin Co's at-home IPL hair removal device | Source: rose skin co.

Eight of the Best At-Home IPL Devices in 2022

While there’s an undeniable confidence boost that comes from having silky smooth skin, the question remains – what’s the best way to achieve it?

With plenty of hair removal methods on the market, from the breakthrough super hair removal treatment to intense pulsed light (IPL), there’s no need to still be shaving, plucking or waxing your way to smooth skin. And if you’re not interested in seeking professional services, the convenience of at-home IPL hair removal devices is second to none.

Laser hair removal is great for getting rid of hair long-term and nowadays modern technology means you can achieve soft skin from the comfort of your own home. And although IPL devices achieve long-lasting hair removal results in a similar way to traditional laser treatments, there is a difference between the two.

According to Braun, salon-style laser treatment uses a monochromatic coherent light source while IPL uses a broadband pulsed light source. However, the key difference for users is cost and convenience. That’s where IPL comes out on top. Here’s a look at the best at-home IPL devices on the market for 2022.

Go Bare

Suitable for both men and women and a wide variety of hair and skin types, the Go Bare IPL device features seven intensity levels and a manual and auto mode. Gentle pulses of light put the hair follicle into a resting phase to permanently reduce hair growth in only three to four weeks.

go bare IPL device
A$269 | Source: Go Bare

Philips Lumea Prestige

Developed alongside dermatologists, Philips’ most powerful IPL device features smart curved attachments and adaptable treatment programmes for each body area. Philips claims the device will show results in as little as four treatments and comes with five settings, a sensor and a free app to create your own tailored treatment schedule.

Philips Lumea Prestige, A$749 | Source: JB Hi-Fi

Rose Skin Co. Lumi

Rose Skin Co. took its best-selling OG IPL Handset and made it even better with the Lumi. The product works on any body part with six intensity levels and a full body treatment in just 30 minutes. The brand also promises noticeable results after just four uses and full results in 12. 

Lumi - IPL device
Lumi – IPL Hair Removal Handset, A$269.95 | Source: Rose Skin Co.

SmoothSkin Pure

Cited as the ‘world’s number one IPL hair removal brand,’ SmoothSkin delivers its Pure device that keeps laser hair removal simple. You get a choice of three settings and a built-in skin sensor that automatically adjusts the light to ensure full-body coverage that’s both gentle and comfortable.

SmoothSkin Pure, A$315 | Source: Shaver Shop

La Parfait Cosmetics Ultra Smooth

A brilliant over-the-counter, hand-held IPL solution, the La Parfait Cosmetics Ultra Smooth is a unisex device suitable for dark hair tones such as black, dark brown, brown and light brown. Stylish and simple to use, the product also comes with glasses, a razor and conductor gel.

La Parfait Cosmetics ipl
La Parfait Cosmetics Ultra Smooth IPL Device, A$1,225.46 | Source: Etsy

COCO IPL Handset

Designed as an easy-to-use device, the COCO handset utilises clinical-grade hair removal technology adapted for safe and effective at-home removal of stubborn hairs. It works on any body part, is completely pain-free and takes just minutes to use.

Coco IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset
COCO IPL Handset, A$99.95 | Source: Coco

Elettra Skin

The Elettra Skin handset is a brilliant all-round IPL device with a skin rejuvenation feature that stimulates the regeneration of collagen and elastic fibres and built-in safety sensors that ensure the device only flashes when in contact with skin. The at-home IPL handset also comes with eight adjustable light settings, a glide and flash auto mode to treat larger areas with minimal effort and a gentle manual mode to treat more delicate areas.

Lux Skin

Lux Skin’s laser hair removal handset uses clinical-grade technology to achieve safe and pain-free hair removal at home. Its Automatic Skintone Selection makes it suitable for all skin tones and hair thicknesses, and you can use it to remove hair on any part of your body.

Lux Skin IPL Laser Hair Removal Handset, A$200 | Source: Lux Skin

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