Bugatti Chiron and the Rimac Nevera | Source: Bugatti

Electric Future on the Horizon: Bugatti-Rimac Tease Next-Gen Hypercars

Subtle is not a word familiar to either Bugatti or Rimac. Both brands are known for producing supercars that specialise in mind-blowing performance. So now that they operate under the single Bugatti-Rimac entity, we can expect fireworks – electrical fireworks.

Joining forces towards the end of last year, Bugatti and Rimac combine two highly-tuned skillsets under one banner. Bugatti is famed for its W16 internal-combustion engine, Rimac a pioneer in high-speed electric supercars.

An announcement of the joint company’s new innovative engineering and design hub in Berlin held a special surprise – an unexpected tease of its next-generation hypercars.

In the teaser, a picture of Bugatti-Rimac’s design director Achim Anscheidt and chief technical officer Emilio Scervo, eagle-eyed viewers will notice two covered cars displaying the logos of each company respectively.

Bugatti-Rimac design director Achim Anscheidt and chief technical officer Emilio Scervo | Source: Motor1

The pair of hidden vehicles seems to hint that work on two jointly created models is already underway – beginning a new era for both boutique brands.

While not much is revealed, the shape of a horseshoe grille is just about identifiable.

The two cars are parked next to the Rimac Nevera (the world’s fastest accelerating production car), one of which has a striking resemblance to the Nevera, maybe suggesting a more powerful sibling to come.

The other side of the image is filled with Bugatti staples including the Divo, Chiron Pur Sport, and the Bugatti Centodieci that’s about to go into production.

After being subjected to ‘over 50,000 km of intense examination at the Nardò test track in southern Italy,’ the 2022 Centodieci will head into a limited production run of just 10. And all of the around A$11.7 million hypercars already have owners waiting.

Under its mean design, it’s a Bugatti Chiron in disguise with a W16 engine producing 1,577 horsepower – albeit that’s 97hp more than the Chiron. In true Bugatti fashion, it’s no slouch either, the Centodieci reaches 100km/h in a blistering 2.4 seconds and up to a limited top speed of 380km/h.

While partnering with the Croatia-based Rimac Group suggests Bugatti will be pivoting itself towards an electric future, it’s unlikely to be retiring its famed internal-combustion engine just yet – both hybrid and pure electric Bugattis are planned over the decade.

Achim Anscheidt, design director at Bugatti-Rimac, said in a statement:

With new electrified technologies, our design focus will change by necessity, ushering in a proportion perfectly honed to both the excitement of the combustion engine and the instantaneous power of the electric drivetrain.

Bugatti-Rimac’s new German facility in Berlin will also play a crucial role in the company’s drive forward housing the departments that will handle the design and engineering for the next-generation vehicles.

It’ll also be home to its German subsidiary company, Bugatti Rimac GmbH, which controls key departments including procurement, finance, program management, IT, legal, and marketing.

Mate Rimac | Source: Croatia Week

Founder of Rimac Automobili, Mate Rimac, will helm the joint Bugatti-Rimac company, labelling the new expansion as exciting and noting the hub will be “deeply involved” in many hypercar projects.

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