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Everything You Need to Create the Ultimate Home Theatre

Nothing beats watching a movie on the big screen with mind-blowing surround sound. And now it’s easier than ever to create this experience in the comfort of your own home.

Whether you have a dedicated home-theatre room already or are planning to upgrade a spare bedroom, we’ve rounded up everything you need to create the ultimate space to put your feet up and put on a flick – from a good quality projector screen, to surround sound systems and movie theatre styled seating.


There are a few things that need to be considered if you are thinking of turning a room into a dedicated home theatre. Firstly, examine the lighting of the space. Ambient light can result in screen glare or screen surface reflection, and with video projectors, ambient light can result in a washed-out image. If the room is filled with natural light, consider installing blackout curtains for an uninterrupted viewing experience.

Next, look at whether the room you’re wanting to convert is carpeted or not. This will affect how sound, especially bass, is distributed throughout the space. Hard floors are more reflective, which can result in unwanted echoes and uneven bass, while carpeted floors help the absorption of unwanted audio artifacts.

Look at the size of the room and where you would be sitting in relation to the screen. This will help determine the optimal screen size and whether a TV or projector will deliver the optimal viewing experience.


You may choose to opt for a video projector and screen combination rather than a TV as they can deliver a spectacular big-screen viewing experience. You will have the choice of 720p, 1080p and 4K Ultra HD resolution images, but there are also short-throw projectors that are designed for smaller rooms, without compromising the experience.

Another option is of course a TV, in either LED/LCD or OLED variations, and these are generally recommended for a living room home theatre. For a TV over 40 inches, you’ll be looking at a 4K Ultra HD as 720p and 1080p rarely come in that size.

Elite Screens Spectrum 180″ 16:9 Motorised Projection Screen

Elite Screens Spectrum 180″ 16:9 Motorised Projection Screen A$2,899 via | Source: Mwave

Samsung Premiere Triple Laser 4K Smart Projector

Samsung Premiere Triple Laser 4K Smart Projector A$9,999 via | Source: Samsung
LG 77-inch G1 Gallery Series 4K OLED evo Ai ThinQ Smart TV A$5.995 via | Source: Harvey Norman


An essential component of surround sound systems is a home theatre receiver which combines a radio tuner for AM/FM, HD, and satellite radio, plus a preamplifier that controls which audio and video source is selected before processing the incoming sound signals and distributing the signals to the correct amplifier channels and the subwoofer output. Finally, a home theatre receiver contains a built-in multi-channel amplifier that sends the surround sound signals to the speaker system.

In higher-end home theatre systems, the role of a receiver is provided by separate components which can help isolate any interference caused by having all these functions sharing the same box and power supply. However, for the majority, a home theatre receiver will do the job.

Next, consider speakers. For a five-channel setup, you need front-left and right, centre-channel, as well as left and right surround speakers. Choose the same brand and model speakers for your home theatre to optimise compatibility.

Finally, the subwoofer you choose for your home theatre will be impacted by the size of the space and whether it’s carpeted or not. This specialised loudspeaker reproduces the extreme low frequencies present in movies and music and will take your experience to the next level.

Arcam AV30 AV Receiver

Arcam AV30 AV Receiver A$9,995 via | Source: Melbourne Hi Fi

Sonos Immersive Set with Arc

Sonos Immersive Set with Arc A$3,176 via | Source: Sonos

BOSE Lifestyle 600 Home Entertainment System Black

BOSE Lifestyle 600 Home Entertainment System Black A$5,499 via | Source: Myer


Now that you’ve got all the high-tech equipment for your home theatre, it’s time to get comfy. A movie experience can go from average to mind-blowing depending on how comfortable (or uncomfortable) you are.

Theatre-style seating, loungers, recliners, beanbags and single sofa seats could be some options to consider.

Plush Austin Modular Lounge

Plush Austin Modular Lounge A$13,597 via | Source: Plush

Evergreen Home Anna 3-Seater Electric Recliner

Evergreen Home Anna 3-Seater Electric Recliner A$3,099 via | Source: Temple & Webster

Koskela Bean Bag Dark Denim

Koskela Bean Bag Dark Denim A$590 via | Source: Koskela

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