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Everything You Need to Know About Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga

Ever considered doing a salutation to the sun on a paddleboard? Neither, but apparently stand up paddleboard yoga or ‘SUP yoga’ is growing in popularity and it could just be the ultimate summer fitness form.

What’s involved in SUP yoga?

Typically practised in protected bays and rivers where the water is flat, SUP yoga involves moving through Hatha and vinyasa flows while balancing on a paddleboard, which is, fortunately, larger than a surfboard. These forms of yoga are, generally speaking, more focused around the breath and feature smooth flowing positions which is ideal for SUP yoga.

While SUP yoga offers established yogis the opportunity to hone their craft and challenge themselves, beginners may look at SUP yoga and feel very much out of their depth. But as long as you can swim and approach the paddleboard with an open mind, SUP yoga is for everyone, with plenty of classes catering to beginners.

Source: The SUP HQ

The benefits of SUP yoga

Naturally, practising yoga on a paddleboard involves a considerable amount of core strength. For this reason, SUP yoga is a surprisingly intense workout and is perfect for improving balance. Being out on the water is also a great natural de-stressor, offering you the ability to ground yourself and practice mindfulness as you move through sun salutations, breathing exercises and other yoga moves out in nature.

Best paddle boards

If you discover that SUP yoga is something you want to incorporate into your fitness routine, consider getting your own board. With that said, be aware that boards marketed as SUP yoga boards are not necessarily essential to the practice; any wide paddleboard will do. However, it is worth looking for inflatable paddle boards with the most stable platform possible if you’re a beginner, like Bluefin’s Aura FIT Stand Up Paddle Board Kit, the 11′ Mandala Series or Glide’s Lotus paddleboard.

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