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Everything You Need to Know About Tonal Dressing

Keep it simple and streamlined with tonal colours. Monochrome doesn’t need to be all black to look super sleek; you can take things up a notch by wearing all pastels, all neon or all metallic. A continual colour combination in your outfit creates unity and will make you look like a piece of walking art. You don’t have to choose the exact colour combo for every part of your outfit, varying shades create depth and further dimension to your attire and look fantastic from every angle.

Play with Textures

One of the key points to tonal dressing is to keep the look visually interesting by mixing different textures, patterns, fabrics, and finishes to your outfit. This will add contrast and depth to your look. Think of silks mixed with vinyl leather and wool. Chiffon shirts mixed with leather, pencil skirts, fur coats and thick nylons are the perfect look for this winter.

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Add a variety of shades

Add more interest to your look by mixing similar shades of the same hue. This will add another layer of interest and dimension to your look and help make it look more polished.

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Don’t be afraid to add colour

Whilst shades of beige and brown are generally a head-to-toe go-to during A/W, there’s several other head-to-toe combos that are also stealing the spotlight this season, from rust to khaki, shades of blue and bold reds.

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Shoe Game Strong

Tonal doesn’t have to mean literally top-to-toe. Sometimes, matching your shoes with the rest of your look can be overkill for a tonal look. The same applies to accessories like hats and scarves. Instead, reach for a neutral tone, which won’t look weird placed next to a colour.

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