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Exclusive Daniel Ricciardo Edition Mclaren 720S is a Celebration of Success

The new Daniel Ricciardo Edition McLaren 720S is another cause to celebrate for Ricciardo supporters. Following his recent victory at Italy’s F1 Moza track, McLaren is set to release three special edition, and extremely unique, McLaren sportscars.

The Daniel Ricciardo Edition Mclaren 720S comes hot off Mclaren’s 1-2 finish at the Italian Grand Prix Monza track, with the WA-local, Ricciardo firing to a momentous first place with teammate Lando Norris finishing second.

The win marks Ricciardo’s highest finish for McLaren and the team’s best F1 finish in almost a decade. Its last race win was in 2012 and its last 1-2 finish was back in 2010 at the Canadian Grand Prix.

The Mclaren 720S ‘Daniel Ricciardo’ edition honours the Australian’s spectacular victory and tops off a tremendous time for McLaren. McLaren’s commercial director, George Biggs, told the Australian website CarExpert the time is right to reveal the special edition.

Following McLaren’s outstanding performance with a landmark one-two finish for the team at the Italian Grand Prix, it’s the perfect time to reveal this limited series in celebration of the Aussie driver.

There’s only three of the sportscars slated for production, a nod to Daniel Ricciardo’s racing number. All three are exclusive to his native Australia.

The new McLaren is the product of Mclaren Special Operations and its Sydney and Melbourne dealerships, and won’t have any performance upgrades on the standard Mclaren 720S. Power is handled by the same 4.0L twin-turbocharged V8 producing 710bhp that achieves a 0-100kph time of 2.9 seconds and reaching a top speed of 341 kph.

The sports car comes with plenty of tributes to his racing pedigree. The Mclaren 720S colourway is the same Papaya Orange and Burton Blue paint as the Formula One car. It also features ‘Daniel’s details’ including a couple of Australian flags and his race number three on the doors as well as sill plates inscribed with Ricciardo’s signature.

Perth-born Ricciardo is a fan of the Mclaren 720s making it a fitting model to celebrate his achievements saying;

One of the great privileges of driving for McLaren is getting behind the wheel of many of the brand’s exhilarating supercars. And while each offers something unique, the 720S is the absolute benchmark.

In true Mclaren Special Operations style, there’s no price tagged to the Daniel Ricciardo edition Mclaren 720s. We can be fairly sure however that it’ll be more than the approximately A$600,000 for the regular 720S. What’s even more certain is that all three cars will be snapped up straight away by lucky fans.

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