Al Wasl Plaza will act as the heart of the expo | Source: World Architects

Expo 2020 Dubai Set to Showcase Global Technologies and Innovation

Despite being postponed last year due to the pandemic, Expo 2020 is set to go ahead in Dubai from October 1 2021 to March 31 2022.

With a history spanning 170 years, the World Expo provides an opportunity for nations around the globe to showcase their innovations and technology. At this year’s Expo 2020 Dubai 191 nations will each have their own pavilion- for the first time in the event’s history.

Historically, the World Expos have seen the showcasing of new structures including London’s Crystal Palace, Paris’ Eiffel Tower and Seattle’s Space Needle. This year Dubai will showcase its new Al Wasl Plaza, the world’s largest unsupported dome.

The Expo 2020 Dubai is the first World Expo to be held in the Middle East and reportedly cost the United Arab Emirates approximately A$9.4 million. Dubai is hoping for around 25 million visits to the six-month-long event.

Sustainability, mobility and opportunity

‘Connecting Minds and Creating the Future’ is the banner for this year’s world fair in Dubai which is set to address issues like climate change, inclusivity and health through its 200 pavilions.

The event will also be divided into three districts: the sustainability district which will be centred on climate change solutions and cultural performances, the mobility district which will feature future vehicles and the opportunity district which will cover youth empowerment and social innovators.

Australia pavilion

With a theme titled, ‘Blue Sky Dreaming’, Australia’s pavilion will encapsulate Australian optimism, ambition and creativity. Located within the mobility district of the event, the pavilion will feature in-person and virtual events that showcase Australia’s landscapes, inventions and Australian astronomy.

Visitors will go through three distinct areas of the pavilion: the Welcome Stories tunnel, the Star Dreaming planetarium-like space and an immersive exhibition area titled Annika’s Story.

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