Feadship Delivers A$75m Superyacht Called Arrow

Released in December 2019, the Arrow super-yacht is 75 meters long and boasts an incredibly well-thought design.

The top speed of a yacht is 17 knots while the average is 14 knots. It drives smoothly, and it’s quiet. The Arrow superyacht brings comfort and convenience to your trip. Moreover, it allows you to relax so you can simply enjoy life fully. Moments like these must be appreciated.

The boat comes with six guest cabins that can accommodate a total of 12 people. Large enough so you can feel convenient. Every room boasts great and luxurious amenities. You can feel like a king or queen when relaxing in your room.

Designed by Jonny Horsfield and his H2 Yacht Design team, Arrow comes with a multi-deck featuring a 12.9 meters long beam. The exterior boasts low-profile glass railings, giving the yacht a “rich” look.

When it comes to the interior, the yacht is designed with elements of glamorous teak and marble. All this adds significantly to the overall look and creates a comfortable impression.

Photo: Feadship, Arrow Superyacht

Moreover, a custom-made jacuzzi can be found on the sundeck – perfect for relaxation. What could be better than hitting the jacuzzi with a couple of friends and absorbing some life-generating sunrays? Well, consuming ice cream would be an excellent addition.

Anyway, the Arrow superyacht is currently subjected to sail trials to assess its performance and changes be made if needed. It’ll be officially launched later this month (January 2020). Right now, we don’t have an excess of information, but once it is released, we’ll make sure we cover anything worth mentioning.

Until then, we can just wait and admire the beauty of the yacht. It’s worth it. By the way, Feadship has said that Arrow will be one of a total of 6 boats that will be launched throughout 2020.

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