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Ferrari Classics: The 2021 Motoring Special for Summer

Founded in 1939, Ferrari is considered one of the greatest names in automobile history. With diverse classic productions representing Enzo Ferrari’s name, a list of the greatest Ferraris ever is going to be hard to buckle down. You only have to think of one of the most expensive cars ever sold like the Ferrari 250 GTO, the hypercar LaFerrari, or the classic Ferrari Daytona to realise how unbelievable the collection really is. While we could be here for some time, here’s a look at a few of the most classic Ferraris of all time.

LaFerrari (2013)

Simply translated to ‘The Ferrari,’ on paper the 2013 limited-run model is the successor to the Ferrari Enzo. In fact, LaFerrari is unlike any other Ferrari to come before. The hypercar is Ferrari’s first-ever production car with an F1-derived hybrid – pairing a thunderous 6.3-litre V-12 engine with an electric motor and energy recovery system. The combined power output is an astonishing 950bhp, enough to pass almost 200kph in 7 seconds and seeing the car all the way to 350kph. Only 499 of the original model were built, costing close to A$2 million – the value has more than doubled since its first release.

Ferrari F50 (1995)

A Ferrari created to celebrate the company’s 50th anniversary is going to be nothing short of monumental. And unforgettable it is. The closest thing to a road-going Formula 1 car, the famously unique Ferrari offers an unrivalled approach to high-performance thanks to a V12 engine from the Ferrari Scuderia’s 1990 F1 car. No power steering, power-assisted braking or ABS insight, the racing-spec Ferrari uses an F1-style construction technology and aerodynamics to exhilarate its occupants. What the F50 lacks in luxuries it certainly makes up for on the road. The Ferrari F50 is brutal yet agile – a powerful machine elaborately styled with its signature rear wing.

Ferrari 250 GTO & 250 GT (1962)

This list wouldn’t feel quite right without mentioning one of the most expensive cars ever sold at auction. Vintage Ferrari collectors consider the 250 GTO to be one of the finest classic Ferraris ever made. Built as a true thoroughbred racer, its road-going GT sister combines cruising comfort and stunning style with impressive V12 power. The epitome of a red-blooded racing tourer, the stunning Ferrario 250 GT machine is as much a dream on the road as it was a winner on the track. When one of the rarest classic Ferrari’s for sale went up for auction in 2018, the 1962 Ferrari GTO fetched almost A$66 million – the most expensive public-listed car ever sold.

Ferrari Enzo (2002)

The Ferrari named after the company’s late founder launched in 2002 to a spectacular reception. This classic Ferrari represented all the company’s trackside technological achievements transferred to its road cars. Featuring the latest Formula 1 technology of the time, the 200mph machine has a 6-litre V12 that fires the Ferrari to 201kph in just 9.5 seconds. A light carbon-fibre shell and incredible downforce ensure the car is just as comfortable at high-speed cornering. While regarded as more brawny than beautiful, like all Ferrari’s, the Enzo is still a stunner to look at.

Ferrari Daytona 365 GTB/4 (1968)

One of the most beloved classic Ferraris of all time, the Daytona remains as appealing today as when it was first introduced at the Paris Motor Show in 1968. Officially called the 365 by Ferrari, the media coined the nickname Daytona to commemorate the company’s 1st, 2nd and 3rd polling in the February 1967 24 Hours of Daytona. It’s no surprise the two-seater grand tourer was a winner on the track. The classic Ferrari features a 4.4-litre V-12 engine that produced 352hp to hit a top speed of 280kph. A highly regarded piece among vintage Ferrari collectors, only 1,406 Ferrari 365 GTB/4s were ever built.

Ferrari Testarossa (1984)

Not the fastest or most powerful classic Ferrari, the 1984 Paris Motor Show launched arguably the most culturally iconic Ferrari. The Testarossa’s starting role in Miami Vice in the 1980s showcased the Pininfarina designed the car to the masses. A change from Ferrari’s traditionally elegant curves, the new striking and innovative style featured a sleek front section and the now signature side strakes. The last Ferrari with a flat-12 engine, the top-end tourer produced 390hp sending the car up to 290kph.

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