Ferrari Purosangue SUV

Reported image of what the Ferrari Purosangue SUV may look like | Source: Supercars

Ferrari Lays Out Electric Future Including LaFerrari Successor and its First Full EV

Calling all Ferrari fans, it’s about to be an exciting few years.

The Italian supercar marque recently announced plans for 15 new models between 2023 and 2026 including the successor to the famed LaFerrari and its first electric vehicle.

Laying out its upcoming releases at its 2022 capital markets day event, Ferrari says “the company is entering a new and exciting chapter of its journey, ready to push the boundaries further than ever in its own distinctive way”.

Possibly most exciting for Prancing Horse fans is the next model in its flagship hypercar lineage that began with 1984’s 288 GTO and reaches 2013’s LaFerrari.

LaFerrari is Ferrari’s first ever production car to be equipped with the F1-derived hybrid | Source: LaFerrari

Few details have been revealed about the new hypercar but under the hood it’s rumoured to be swapping out the LaFerrari’s hybrid V12 engine in favour of a twin-turbo V8 plug in-hybrid system.

Also announced by the luxury sports car stalwart is an all-electric vehicle, the company’s first battery electric vehicle that is slated for a 2025 release.

Ferrari says the EV will be “rooted in the Prancing Horse‚Äôs heritage, drawing from a broader technical expertise to further enhance driving thrills.”

Its unique features, leveraging the racing know-how, will make it a true Ferrari, ensuring it stands out across all dimensions: engine power density, weight, sound and driving emotions.


The internal workings including the battery and electric motor will be built in-house at Ferrari’s home in Maranello. The vehicle as a whole however, will role off the factory floor at the company’s new on-site assembly line constructed specifically for its electric and hybrid vehicles.

Ferrari says the expansion of production facilities at Maranello will be “enriched by a new e-building where electric engines, inverters, and batteries will be designed, handcrafted and assembled”.

Ferrari Maranello facility
Ferrari Maranello facility | Source: Formula 1

Another treat for fans, Ferrari says it’ll be unveiling its first SUV, called the Purosangue, in September 2022. It’ll arrive powered by its previously reported V12 engine with electrified powertrains to follow.

Ferrari also confirmed at the event that the four door, four seat SUV will be a more exclusive release remaining below 20 per cent of annual vehicle shipments over its lifecycle.

Ferrari Purosangue
Ferrari Purosangue driving

True to founder Enzo Ferrari’s philosophy “to sell one car less than the market demand,” moving forward less than five per cent of the company’s subsequent product offering will comprise its ultra-exclusive Icona and Supercar models.

Ten per cent will represent its “Special Series” like the track-focused 812 Competizione and at least 85 per cent will be made up of its range models such as the current V6 296 GTB and the V12 812 GTS.

Ferrari model graph
Source: Ferrari

Also by its 2026 deadline, Ferrari says it’ll being producing 60 per cent hybrid and all-electric vehicles, with the other 40 per cent being internal combustion-powered models. Of the 60 per cent, five per cent will be full electric and 55 per cent hybrid models.

By 2030, it’s targeting an offering composed of just 20 per cent internal combustion engines, 40 per cent hybrids and 40 per cent full electric.

ferrari graph
Source: Ferrari

Ultimately Ferrari is aiming for full carbon neutrality by 2030. You can read more about Ferrari here.

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