Fine Gems: The Best Jewellers Offering Repairs in Sydney

Getting your jewellery repaired or restored can be a nerve-racking process. It requires you to hand over some of your most valuable and sentimental items to someone that you may not know or trust yet. That’s why it’s so important to find the right jeweller. If you’re based in Sydney and your jewellery is in need of some extra care, then these are the best places to get your jewellery repaired in the city.

Linda & Co

First established in 1980, this Sydney jeweller has three stores located around the city. Alongside their custom jewellery design services, Linda and Co provide restoration, repairs and remodelling to fine jewels. The expert team of jewellers offers a range of services to restore the life to your jewellery, including re-clawing, gem setting, soldering and welding, ring resizing, and professional cleaning. Whether you’re modernising an older piece or polishing up a newer one, Linda and Co will provide the proper level of care for your most beloved items.


Located in the historic Dymocks building on Sydney’s George Street, Daniella jewellers offer a professional jewellery repair service. Your jewellery will be handed over to Bobby, a jeweller with over 30 years of experience in jewellery making and repairing, having personally fixed over 20,000 pieces during this time. All jewellery repairs are carried done in the store workshop – meaning nothing leaves the store, but is instead kept safe and secure. If you want to, you have the opportunity to watch through the workshop window and can speak to your jeweller at any time while he works on your piece.

Gavin Fisher Jewellery

With over 20 years of experience in fine jewellery design, Gavin Fisher Jewellery also offers a bespoke jewellery restoration service. The King Street jeweller offers an extensive range of restoration services, including jewellery redesigns, ring repairs, ring resizing and resettings, gem remounting, cleaning and polishing, with all restorations and repairs performed onsite. If you purchase a custom piece of Gavin Fisher Jewellery then you’re also entitled to a complimentary annual jewellery servicing which includes, a check and tightening of all set stones, jewellery cleaning and polishing, shape if needed, and rhodium plating for previously plated white gold pieces.


This three generational family run business can offer over 75 years of experience in the jewellery industry. With their artistic appreciation for jewellery craftsmanship, the team are known for offering some of the finest jewellery restorations in Sydney. While offering an extensive range of jewellery restoration services, ring resizing is one of Anania’s many specialties. To do so, the team will work with every client to achieve the perfect ring fit for ultimate comfort and style.

Chilton’s Antiques

If you’re unsure of where to take your precious family heirloom for repairs then Chilton’s Antiques is the jeweller for you. Offering antique and vintage jewellery repairs, the store’s jewellers are all experts in their fields and each specialises in a different area of repair work. With all repairs carried out in the security of the workshop, the store offers reclawing, retipping, resizing, pearl and bead threading, sold soldering, gemstone polishing, gem cutting, rhodium plating and other repairs that many jewellers lack the expertise to carry out.

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