first class suites

Singapore airlines' revamped first-class | Source: Singapore Airlines

A Double Bed in the Sky: Onboard Singapore Airlines New Premium First-Class

In the aftermath of the pandemic, airline companies around the world are scrambling to offer luxurious, premium first-class cabins to get passengers back onto their aeroplanes. The latest first-class flying experience from Singapore Airlines is proving to be popular amongst travellers.

It’s no secret that the pandemic severely damaged the airline industry. Lockdowns and restricted travel meant that many routes were facing the prospect of empty airlines, at a huge cost.

Source: International Civil Aviation Organization

Passenger numbers are starting to climb and many airline companies have used the last two years as an opportunity to re-design their service to cater their product to the emerging market of first-class travellers.

Joey Seow, Singapore Airlines’ regional vice president, told CNBC that premium first-class seats are selling out faster than economy.

The South-East Asian carrier recently debuted its re-designed first-class to include private suites that offer another level of comfort on its double-decker superjumbo, the Airbus A380.

Each suite has a completely private 4.5 square metres of space behind a sliding door with the interiors by French luxury yacht designer Jean-Jacques Coste to be the ultimate in aesthetic comfort.

first class suites
Source: Singapore Airlines

There is a reclining full-grain leather swivel chair, desk and two-metre-long bed. The ambient lighting and entertainment are controlled via tablet including the 32-inch television with its array of over 1,000 entertainment options.

Bang & Olufsen noise-cancelling headphones and an enhanced KrisWorld entertainment system will help you relax on the longest of flights.

The most exciting feature of these luxe suites is their ability to combine into a 9.2 square metre honeymoon suite with a double bed and Givenchy bedding.

first class suites
Source: Singapore Airlines

A unique menu including lobster thermidor and filet mignon is served on bone china tableware from Wedgwood on your personal dining table and you can choose between vintage Champagnes, Dom PĂ©rignon and Krug to accompany your meal.

Spacious private lavatories complete the luxury experience, while a Lalique stocked vanity counter means you will be looking fresh on arrival.

first class suites
Source: Singapore Airlines

The suites are being offered on Singapore Airlines’ New York to Singapore routes, an 18.5 hour flight with a stop in Frankfurt, Germany for almost A$24,000.

Other airlines will be following suit on different routes – Etihad has just announced its new Airbus A350-1000 with a new business and first-class, which will be flying from Paris to Abu Dhabi.

It will operate on medium-haul flights to Mumbai and Delhi in India, before flying long-haul to New York and Chicago in July.

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