Image: Tiffany & Co. Double Old-fashioned Glasses $280.00 for set of 2 | Source: Tiffany & Co.

For the Love of Whiskey: The Complete Guide to the Best Quality Glasses

Any whiskey drinker will know the vessel you sip your chosen whiskey from can majorly impact the nose and profile. So, top notch whiskey glasses are a must. Besides, who doesn’t want to feel like they’ve stepped into a Bond film as they sip a dram of whiskey from good-quality glassware? To take your bar cart to the next level, we’ve found some of the best whiskey glasses to pour your next whiskey into.

Blade Runner Double Old Fashioned

When it comes to whiskey glasses, there isn’t a more iconic piece of glassware than the whiskey glasses used from 1982 film, Blade Runner. Designed by Arnolfo di Cambio and made with hand-blown Italian crystalware, the Blade Runner Glass is so much more than a novelty glass. Offering a unique X-shape design as well as top quality, the Blade Runner Glass is an essential to any glassware collection.

Tom Dixon Tank Whiskey

Made in Poland from mouth-blown glass, the Tom Dixon Tank glasses are some of the most luxurious and sleek whiskey glasses on the market. Ornamented with hand-painted copper and an etched Tom Dixon logo, these glasses are perfect for those who prefer a minimalistic look.

Tiffany & Co. Diamond Old Fashioned

Traditional design meets a modern edge in Tiffany & Co’s Diamond Point collection. With a heavy weight, the Diamond Point Double Old Fashion Glasses are a classic addition to any bar cart.

Nyht Whiskey Decanter

Inspired by the bedtime ritual of carrying a carafe of water and inverted glass with you to your bedside, Nyht brings the most luxe decanter and glass set yet. Entirely hand-made, this decanter for one is precision cut so the Rauk Heavy Tumbler can be carried perfectly in one hand. Fancy, right?

Glencairn Cut Crystal ‘Hatch’

With a professionally cut hatch design, these Glencairn crystal glasses offer whiskey lovers style and weight, as well as a tapered mouth to enhance the scent of your whiskey of choice. Claiming to be the perfect glass for whisky, this is another top pick for those looking to start or add to their glassware collection.

Marquis By Waterford Decanter & Dof Set

If you’re after class, sophistication and quality, then the Marquis By Waterford Decanter & Dof Set is for you. Offering both substantial weight and clarity, this set is a great choice for whiskey enthusiasts.

Royal Doulton Seasons Decanter Set

Perfect for decanting Scotch or Irish whiskey as well as fine American bourbon, the Seasons Decanter Set is a beautiful and high-quality offering from established home accessories manufacturer, Royal Doulton.

Discover some of the finest whiskies on the market to accompany your glasses in our article here. Or, read about some of the finest drops from Japanese whiskey-makers, Suntory.

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