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Fragrance Refresh: The Best Men’s Colognes For 2022

A true men’s cologne is the ultimate finishing touch to an outfit that sets the tone. Therefore the importance of choosing the right scent should never be understated.

The finest fragrances are far more than a casual confidence boost, they have the ability to elevate your entire presence. If you’re keen to freshen up your scent this year and embrace a new cologne, these are the best men’s colognes in 2022 you should be trying.

Blu AtlasAtlantis EDP

This natural fragrance uses hand-picked raw materials to deliver an aromatic and earthy scent with key notes of bergamot, clary sage, and patchouli. The long-lasting scent is masculine wonderfully matching with men who enjoy an active lifestyle and spend time in nature. It’s also an impressive cologne that doesn’t contain any phthalates.

Blu Atlas Atlantis EDP
Source: Blu Atlas

Calvin Klein – Defy

Those familiar with Calvin Klein will immediately notice the traditional freshness of Defy albeit with a more modern take. Designed for men who are bold, adventurous and dare to defy, there’s an underlying masculine element where a citrus blend scent highlights crisp bergamot and fresh lavender sitting on a base of Amber notes.

Calvin Klein Defy
Source: Sanook

Prada – Luna Rossa Ocean

Undeniably fresh and effortlessly masculine, this aquatic scent from Prada hits the nose with powerful citrus notes alongside woody tones. A decent dose of bergamot is layered with iris and lavender creating a macho smell with a clean quality. The cologne’s true strength lies in its versatility working as both an everyday fragrance and a scent that will elevate an outfit on a night out – a staple fragrance for every type of man.

Prada Luna Rossa Ocean
Source: Sephora

Versace – Eros

Inspired by Greek mythology, as the name Eros suggests this fragrance evokes love and passion wonderfully blending intense, vibrant freshness with a pleasant sweetness. A cool spiciness makes this the perfect year-round scent, that’s playful and warm yet sexy and charming – a sure cologne for the classy man.

Versace Eros
Source: Parfumo

Tom Ford – Tobacco Vanilla

Standing proudly as part of Tom Ford’s brilliant private blend collection, this fragrance blends rich spices with the unlikely pairing of smokey tobacco and creamy vanilla to tremendous effect. It’s wonderfully balanced with a warm, opulent and classic feel that’s reminiscent of an English gentleman’s club. Bold, sexy and not to be overdone, this Tom Ford cologne is the perfect special occasions scent.

Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille
Source: Pinterest

Hugo Boss – Boss

First launched in 1998, this Hugo Boss fragrance is for the leaders, men who forge their own path and dare to be different. Defined by its spicy-floral scent that’s sensual, fresh and sharp, the warm woody base is masculine featuring notes of apple and bergamot. This effortlessly sophisticated scent is perfectly suited to everyday wear.

Source: In-Country Value Oman

Chanel – Bleu De Chanel

Commanding a strong presence, this timeless fragrance is elegant and captivating blending citrus and woods to evoke a fresh, clean scent. True to the continuous appeal of Chanel, this is a classic fragrance that will stay is style – perfect for becoming a new signature scent for the sophisticated gentleman.

Chanel - Bleu De Chanel
Source: My Perfume Shop

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