Nina Gudkova's interpretation on pistachio cakes | Source: Friedns Forever Instagram

Friends Forever Company Echoes Whimsical Christmas with Holiday Dessert Menu

Friends Forever Company is one page I simply can’t scroll past and ignore on my Instagram feed. Every morning, during my a.m. ritual, which demands black coffee, a dosage of news and a swipe through my Instagram feed, I am taken back by the delicate selection of creations this cafe puts out.

Nina Gudkova, Pastry Chef and Owner of Friends Forever Company has established a cult-like following online with 194k Instagram followers watching her every move and keeping their eyes peeled at her next finger-licking recipe creation.

Texture is a big part of this baker and pastry chef’s signature style. She loves dressing her desserts in pastel tones, different berries, and whipped finishes. “Friends Forever”, which started with Nina’s own cafe is now famous for cakes, cookies, and so much more.

With six cafes across Moscow (Friends Forever Cafe, I Love Cake, Breakfast, Scramble, Conversation and Friends Forever Botanica), it’s easy to see how this once, small business has turned into a success in the class of desserts, pastry and all-things-sweet.

I Love Cake at the Patriarch’s Ponds has become the sweet heart of Moscow. A place where every sweet tooth wants to go and plunge into the world of chocolate, marshmallows and fresh berries.

I Love Cake

Gudkova’s Friends Forever cafe is the heart of the business company where you can discover some of her signature dishes, cakes and breakfasts, as well as homemade ice cream, giant pancakes and an atmosphere of enchanting New York.

And with Christmas just around the corner, the baker-dessert-queen has left the best to last. Featuring a Seasonal Christmas Collection menu – just in time for the holidays – it’s everything you would hope to see in a Disney Christmas film and more.

A thick coat of snow blankets the cafe from outside, and the second you enter inside, you are transcended into a winter wonderland in the heart of Moscow. With the launch of its Christmas Collection menu to select from, there is no doubt locals will appreciate all the comfort, sugar and warmth this cafe is dishing up.

From Rudolph and angel cookie sandwiches dressed in chocolate protein, salted caramel and ginger, to an elf cake made with festive ginger, honey and nuts – the magic of a whimsical Christmas, at this hotspot, is nothing sort of captivating.

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