From All Corners of the World: How Travel Shaped Pauline Fermanis

Pauline Fermanis lets her hair down in Monte Carlo | Source: Pauline Fermanis Instagram

As the granddaughter of Greek immigrants, Pauline Fermanis, Sales Executive at Ray White Dalkeith Claremont, always saw the value in owning property.

I am the granddaughter of Greek immigrants from the island of Kastellorizo. We have always put importance on owning real estate.

Our philosophy is to invest your money in bricks and mortar, so I have constantly followed the local real estate market. My family have always influenced me to invest in real estate both in Perth and internationally.

Because of this, Pauline always felt drawn to the world of real estate, but it wasn’t until later in her life that she found herself making the transition into the industry.

I was a stay at home mum for 20 years and did not enter the corporate world until my eldest was at university.

I was living abroad at this time living in the diplomatic world. The amazing cities I experienced and lived in during this time were Dublin, Buenos Aires, Athens, Sydney, Bucharest and New Delhi.

In 2017 she saw an opportunity to utilise her varied skill set including her experience travelling and conversing with so many different people from different cultures, and she entered the world of real estate.

[Being well-travelled] provided me with excellent communication skills and to also be an authentic person as I left Perth in my mid 20’s and returned back home in my mid 40’s.

During my journey I also studied a Bachelor of Arts at the University of NSW and I speak Greek and basic Spanish.

Throughout her international travels, Pauline met everyone from world leaders to royalty, including the former Greek Prime Minister’s wife | Source: Pauline Fermanis

Now as one of Perth’s most successful real estate agents, it was Pauline’s first sale of Liz Davenport’s iconic Ivanoff Tomich house that stands out as her most memorable sale to date. Something she says she was honoured to be entrusted with.

Before the Davenports owned this property it was Alister Norwood’s home, the founder of Jeans West. Both owners were business and fashion entrepreneurs that I had grown up with in the 80’s and admired.

Listening to Liz Davenport’s memories in Tomich House such as entertaining world famous Rod Stewart in her home, playing the piano and singing under the chandelier was a wonderful story to share with potential buyers. 

Pauline believes working as a real estate agent is a lifestyle, not a job | Source: Pauline Fermanis

Even though Perth is well-and-truly Pauline’s home, the luxury real estate agent hasn’t turned her back on her international endeavours and currently has properties for sale in Mykonos. And it’s something she isn’t planning on giving up anytime soon.

Real estate is my passion, I love every minute of it and I don’t see that changing.




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