The platform once known for illegal music downloads is returning to sell NFTs | Source: Flicker

From Beyond the Digital Grave: LimeWire to Return as NFT Marketplace

It’s 2010. You’re at your computer desk, firing up the old desktop so you can download Katy Perry’s ‘California Gurls’ and Jason Derulo’s ‘Ridin’ Solo’ and add them to your ‘Summer Hits’ playlist. You wait for the familiar landing page of LimeWire to appear, only to see a pop-up window delivering the very worst of news: LimeWire has been shut down for its illegal, although very convenient, unauthorised sharing of copyrighted content. Goodbye, free music.

After being defunct for more than 10 years, an announcement from the platform this week has signalled the surprise resurrection of LimeWire.

Naturally, LimeWire’s return won’t be reviving its illegal peer-to-peer file-sharing services. However, we are seeing the iconic site return as a ‘digital collectibles’ marketplace, with a primary focus on music.

In short: yes, more NFTs.

Already, LimeWire 2.0 has set up a waitlist for the launch of its airdrop of 10,000 exclusive non-fungible tokens.

Now totally separate from the company’s previous team and purpose, the new LimeWire is led by Austrian entrepreneurs, Paul and Julian Zehetmayr.

The pair have led ‘LimeWire GmbH’ through serious crypto revamp to present musicians an opportunity to make more revenue from their music than from streaming services, and grant consumers the opportunity to collect and trade music-related, and soon art and entertainment-related, NFTs. The reinvented and revitalised LimeWire is already backed by the likes of the Wu-Tang Clan and H.E.R.

The official launch of the digital marketplace is set to take place in May while LimeWire’s launch into the film industry is set for later this year.

In an article in Bloomberg, co-founder Julian recognised how iconic LimeWire is, even today.

“Everybody connects it with music and we’re launching initially a very music-focused marketplace, so the brand was really the perfect fit for that with its legacy,” he said.

Making the marketplace more accessible than many other NFT platforms, LimeWire will sell its digital goods in US dollars while also accepting a number of cryptocurrencies too.

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