Garrard’s Opulent Brooch Collection Revamps Traditional Design

House of Garrard is renowned for using the finest handmade gemstones for its brooches collection and is known as one of the oldest jewellers in the world, established in London in 1735. Garrad creates unique pieces with a legacy for classic creations which push the limits of traditional design.

Garrad’s brooch collection promises a variety of iconic and intricately sculpted pieces that are astonishing works of art. From classic white diamond brooches to playful Victorian-inspired brooches in ruby, sapphire or emerald, the designs combine timeless pieces with modern, wearable elegance. The House of Garrard never limits itself. When you wear Garrard jewellery, you not only take part in its longstanding history, you recognise how different we are from other designers.

Fine Brooches Collection

The Garrard Fine Brooches collection features the Albemarle Brooch, the Enchanted Palace Brooch Collection, and the Tudor Rose Brooch, The Bow Brooch, among others.

Photo: Garrard, Albemarle Brooch

The Albemarle Brooch Collection

This brooch pin is the kind of ornamentation that neither man nor woman can refuse. It is an 18ct white gold brooch, set with a freshwater pearl drop and round white diamonds. It quickly conveys one’s taste and elegance, allowing you to radiate on every occasion. Rely on our Albemarle brooches’ exquisite design, the noble multistep polishing process for a dazzling collar, uniform corsage, clothes, hat, and dress sleeves. There is the Albemarle Brooch with Pearl – an option that adds a dash of radiant variety to your appearance.

Photo: Garrard, Albemarle Brooch

The Enchanted Palace Brooch Collection

The House of Garrard is the longest-serving jeweller in the world, and it has served many royal families across the globe. The Enchanted Palace Brooch Collection is one of the several magnificent jewels in its quintessential collection, developed to achieve a balance of tradition and design to radiate the natural beauty of our high-end stones. The Enchanted Palace Brooches are 18ct white gold brooch embellished with bug motifs and round white diamonds. Colour varieties include the Opal bug motif, the sapphire bug motif, the emerald bug motif, and the ruby bug motif. These pieces are a symbol that marks the hallmark of British heritage, detail, and craft.

Photo: Garrard Enchanted Palace Brooch

The Tudor Rose Brooch

Feast your eyes on this wonderfully embroidered, handmade Tudor Rose. History enthusiasts will recognise the Tudor Rose as the traditional heraldic emblem of England. This brooch is essentially an 18ct white gold brooch from the Tudor Rose Bloom collection, encrusted with round white diamonds.

Photo: Garrard, Tudor Rose Brooch

The craftsmanship is exquisite, with varieties such as the Tudor Rose Brooch with chain. It is made with exceptional skill, with several enamelling techniques. This hand-executed Tudor rose is also versatile and suitable for wear with fancy dress costumes, or as a collar lapel pin.

Photo: Garrard, Tudor Rose Brooch Chain

The Bow Brooch Collection

Featuring in this category is the 18ct white gold brooch from the Bow collection, set with round white diamonds. This high-fashion pin is hand-fabricated expertly with a curling bow studded with diamonds. It is the archetypal symbol of love. This pin sparkles with delight and is a sentimental and romantic piece of antique jewellery, guaranteed to make heads turn.

Photo: Garrard, Bow Brooch

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