George Cleverley footwear

George Cleverly has produced fine mens footwear for more than a century Source: George Cleverley

The Flex Sneaker: George Cleverley ‘Jack’ Trainers Redefine Leather Shoes

Many of us have spent much of the last couple of years in varying combinations of cargo pants, t-shirts, hoodies and beat-up sneakers as we adjusted to working from home. And while these staple clothing items formed the basis of our wardrobes, it is time to move on.

Fashion has changed the way people view comfortable clothing and many are more willing to make bold style decisions and indulge in a luxury interpretation of an item that was, until recently, seen as too casual.

The ‘Jack’ Trainer is George Cleverley’s first informal/formal leather shoe, made by hand in their workshop on Bond Street, London. Casual without being messy, the shoes are a great way to clean up an otherwise unrefined combo like jeans and a shirt.

George Cleverley makes some of the finest footwear men can buy and these leather trainers are made to the same extremely high standard as the rest of their shoes. The appeal of this George Glasgow Jr. designed shoe is not limited to its appearance, however, as it is made from sustainable materials that do much less damage to the environment than the usual rubber.

Originally released exclusively in white calfskin leather, the shoe now comes in black calfskin, as well as buffed nubuck leather in beige and dark grey. Tim Cook, Jason Statham, Ralph Lauren and David Beckham are all clients, attracted to the brand by the authenticity of their products which are made of the best quality materials in the world, and to the highest standard.

George Cleverly 'Jack' trainers
The Jack in White Calf, approx. A$620 | Source: George Cleverley

The George Cleverley ‘Jack’ Trainers are hand stitched instead of glued together like most other sneakers and they have the added bonus of being incredibly comfortable. Lacta Havea soles made from sustainable virgin hevea milk, harvested directly from the Cao Su or ‘Crying Wood’ tree, take them to the next level of luxury.

Their durability and long life set them apart from other leather shoes and they would look good breaking up a tailored suit or as a centrepiece for a more casual outfit; the scope for creativity is broad.

Hevea milk used in the sole’s construction is traditionally processed, producing a microstructure of tiny air bubbles in the milk before it sets, allowing for better heel cushioning and a more comfortable shoe.

George Cleverly 'Jack' trainers
Source: George Cleverley

Trees are not cut down in the extraction of the Havea milk; a spiral cut in the bark allows for the sap of the tree to be collected. This is a beneficial and completely sustainable way to produce the material required to make George Cleverley’s ‘Jack’ Trainers.

The company uses the material because the production of rubber for use in shoes is not ecologically viable, it results in more waste product produced than the amount of rubber it generates, resulting in carcinogenic chemicals and other byproducts being released into and damaging the environment.

Shoes make up a huge amount of the waste we produce and some materials, including ethylene vinyl acetate, used in the shock-absorbent midsole, will stay intact in landfill for more than 1000 years, not breaking down.

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