The collection features everything from collars to custom couches | Source: Gucci

For the Classy Canine or Fashionable Feline: Gucci Releases First Pet Collection

Gucci’s latest collection is aimed at a surprise demographic: domestic animals. Well, more so their fashion-savvy owners.

Just released, the new pet collection from the Italian fashion house features everything from collars and harnesses to custom couches, food bowls and clothing.

Spread with classic Gucci prints and the brand’s famous monogram patterns, now your furry friends can be outfitted in the latest designer fashion.

Aptly titled ‘Gucci Pet Collection,’ the range is in fact an extension of the house’s Gucci Lifestyle line launched last September.

Continuing the narrative of surprise and delight that defines the Gucci Lifestyle selection, the Gucci Pet Collection infuses the everyday with a magical aura. Unveiled in a colourful, retro-inspired campaign, the pieces allow each animal’s personality to shine as an ode to the Creative Director’s vision of individuality.

Source: Gucci

The pet-sized, made-to-order furniture that’s available includes couches, feeding bowls and mats, all of which could double as stylish home decor pieces.

Gucci has also thought about keeping your pet stylish on their travels with a range of GG-branded carriers, leashes, collars and pet coats. There’s also a selection of handy pet accessories such as air tag holders and a waste bag holder adorned with various iconic Gucci patterns.

The pet collection appears to favour the slighter four-legged friends with most articles of clothing in the collection seemingly on the smaller side.

Source: Gucci

Starting at A$295 for an air tag holder, the pet collection doesn’t provide any discounts for the animals. The waste holders range from A$570 to A$630, the travel bowls can reach A$6,645 and you’ll pay around A$12,700 for the Herbarium pet bed.

Accompanying the ensemble is an adorable portrait campaign featuring dogs and cats snapped by German artist and designer Max Siedentopf.

Continuing its sustainable future, the Gucci pet collection is crafted using recycled polyester, cotton and the house’s innovative animal-free fabric, Demetra.

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