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Hanging a Gallery Wall in Five Simple Steps

A great way to showcase your interests and favourite memories is a gallery wall. Transforming dull walls into a visually interesting and sophisticated vertical space, gallery walls are an opportunity to breathe life and personality into any room in your home. And unlike many other home DIY jobs, putting together an aesthetically pleasing and timeless gallery wall can be easily achieved in just a few steps.

Do’s and Don’ts

Although the contents of a gallery wall should be determined by your personal taste in art rather than trends, there are a few things worth noting in terms of curating a cohesive mix that’s easy on the eye.

For starters, one of the joys of creating a gallery wall is assembling a collection of treasures and memories over time. Yes, ordering a selection of prints from sites like Desenio allows you to get your gallery wall contents secured in one go, but carefully curating and collecting over time can lead you to discover unique pieces that speak to you rather than just mass-produced prints. However, each to their own!

Then there’s the practical stuff: don’t start hammering nails in place before you’ve mapped out your gallery wall. Ensure you have pieces of varying sizes to create a more organic and visually engaging gallery wall. Opt for a colour palette that is cohesive and complements the colour palette in the space. And, above all, don’t hang your pieces too high. As a rule of thumb, try hanging your pieces around five or so inches above a key piece of furniture, like a couch or sideboard.

Step 1: Curate your art

When choosing the pieces to hang on your gallery wall, look for pieces of varying sizes and varying frame styles and mediums too in order to assemble an eclectic and visually striking feature wall. While this isn’t to say that gallery wall designs that feature symmetry and matching frames don’t work, adding variation and texture are essential to creating a timeless and more organic-looking gallery wall.

Step 2: Measure and plan

Once you’re confident in the pieces you want to showcase, it’s time to do the planning. For starters, measure out the wall space you want to fill with art so you can narrow down how many pieces will fit. If your gallery wall is going above a piece of furniture, ensure you allow some space in between. From there, you can finalise the number of pieces that you can reasonably fit into your gallery wall. You’ll also want to keep a spirit level handy so none of your pieces end up sitting off-centre.

Step 3: Trace and place

After narrowing down the number of pieces you’ll feature in your gallery wall, you can then test how the final product will look -before the nails or screws go in by tracing your frames onto paper, cutting them out and blu taking them to the wall. This way you can play with the arrangement of your pieces, ensuring the arrangement is cohesive until you find a set-up you’re happy with. Starting with your largest piece and moving outwards is a good way to start.

Step 4: Drill or hammer

Using your final template arrangement, measure into the centre of each template to mark out where your nail, screw or removable hook will go. Then simply drill, hammer or adhere away, taking extra care when drilling into the wall.

Step 5: Remove templates and hang art

After all your nails, screws or removable hooks are in place, go ahead and remove any remaining templates and take the pleasure in hanging your art and seeing your gallery wall really come together.

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