Health & Lifestyle: Perth’s Best Gyms

There is no shortage of gyms in Perth and you can find an Anytime Fitness or a Goodlife Health Club in most suburbs. But if you’re looking for something a little different then there are some boutique fitness studios you should know about. Whether they specialise in a certain type of fitness, offer smaller class sizes or provide the latest equipment, these are some of the best gyms in Perth.

S30 Studio

If you have been known to get bored in regular gyms then S30 might be the fitness studio for you. Blasting Hip Hop and RnB music, the group weight training class is held in an underground nightclub setting. Each class is 45 minutes long, involving 30 sets, 18 stations and three personal trainers. With spirited instructors, upbeat tunes and an electrifying atmosphere, you won’t have any problems staying motivated. There are currently two S30 studios in Perth, with one in the city centre and the other in Mount Lawley. Two more studios, in Scarborough and South Perth are opening soon.

Lisa Burns Training Studio

Located in Doubleview, this boutique fitness studio is owned and run by Lisa Burns. With 13 years of experience in the industry, Burns is a personal trainer and certified pilates mat and reformer instructor. Using her experience and passion for fitness, Burns created the BootyBurn, Box & Booty, BarBurn and BodyBurn classes that are held at the studio. With its stylish decor, welcoming atmosphere and attached coffee shop, you will find a lot to love about this fitness space.

Dohertys Gym

The popular Melbourne fitness studio opened its first Perth studio in 2017. Located in the city centre, the gym offers a multi-level facility with the Techno Gym cardio machines, weight lifting and boxing areas. The gym is open and staffed every day of the year, including public holidays and Christmas. With an onsite cafe and supplement store, you can also purchase state-of-the-art coffee, pre workout supplements, protein, accessories and apparel.

Bike Bar

The Bike Bar transforms an ordinary cardio workout into a 45 minute party. With two locations in Claremont and Applecross, the studio space welcomes attendees with a hotel-style reception, premium amenities, fresh towels and free cycling shoes. Once the class starts, all you have to do is choose your bike and the instructors will guide you through one of the best cardio workouts of your life. With mood lighting, great music and a community atmosphere, you won’t regret giving this class a try.

Pure Moves

Located in Cottesloe, Pure Moves is a boutique fitness and pilates studio. The studio offers a mix of low-intensity and intensity fitness classes, including Pilates mat, reformer, Barre, Circuit, HIIT, TRX and Power Plate classes. Pure Moves also provides specialised pregnancy, postnatal, small group and private pilates classes, along with a small creche facility. With welcoming and qualified instructors, special events and parent friendly classes, Pure Moves is one of the best studios to jump back into a fitness regime.


If you have ever wanted to master martial arts then UFC Gym may be the gym for you. Offering a variety of mixed martial arts classes, including kickboxing, daily ultimate training, boxing conditioning, Muay Thai, Brazillian ju-jitsu, wrestling, and yoga, the studio is welcoming to all genders, ages and fitness levels. While there are many UFC Gym’s located around Australia, Perth is only home to one. Located in Balcatta, the gym offers a diverse timetable and a number of introductory offers so that you can give it a try.

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