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Health & Wellbeing: The Complete Guide to the Best Cryotherapy Clinics in Sydney

Dating back to ancient Egyptian times, cryotherapy has long been a treatment for inflammation and other ailments. Now, with the advent of cryotherapy chambers which can immerse the body in temperatures of -150C, you can experience cryotherapy and its host of health benefits. With a number of clinics offering the treatment, Sydney-siders can try out the chilly therapy at these top clinics.

CRYO Sydney

With two locations in Rosebery and Edgecliff, CRYO offers a range of cryotherapy-based treatments to improve your overall wellbeing. From your standard whole body cryotherapy sessions to CRYOSLIM, a non-invasive fat cell reduction treatment, you can experience the benefits of the treatment for your skin, joints and overall health at CRYO.

Cryospa Clinics

Offering whole body cryotherapy, Cryospa is another clinic that athletes, fitness enthusiasts and those suffering from pain should pay a visit to. Immersing the body in -140C to up to three minutes at a time, a session of whole body cryotherapy is linked to muscle and joint pain relief, increased mental clarity and rejuvenated skin. At Cryospa, you can also indulge in a session in the infrared sauna, Himalayan salt room or try their Normatec compression therapy.

Koa Recovery

Featuring an octagonal chamber from a leading cryosauna manufacturer, Impact Cryotherapy, you can experience the benefits of whole-body cryotherapy in the safest conditions possible. In addition to whole-body cryotherapy sessions, Koa Recovery also offers float therapy where you can float in magnesium-rich water in a soundproof pod, making it the perfect place to rejuvenate the mind and body.

One Fifty Below

From A$70, you can experience whole body cryotherapy at One Fifty Below. Located in Miranda, One-Fifty Below also offers cryo spot treatment to target specific areas of pain, as well as express cryo facials which are perfect for reducing redness, fine lines and boosting collagen production.


Based in Sydney Olympic Park, CryoCare offers cryotherapy treatments with the client’s desired outcomes in mind. After a consultation, you can experience whole body cryotherapy in CryoCare’s Cryo Arctic chamber for A$99.

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