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Heirlooms: The Six Cartier Rings to Pass Down to the Next Generation

Collecting jewellery with sentimental value is a credence avid jewellery and gem collectors know far too well. While we often connect heirlooms to a time and place from the past – all heirloom gems were once new.

And – if you esteem to one day pass on your precious collection down to the next generation – it’s time to consider the pieces you declare timeless in your collection.

Cartier Trinity ring

Created in 1924, the Cartier Trinity ring is one of the Maison’s signature pieces. As the symbol of love, the classic ring features three interlaced and mobile bands of silver, pink and gold. Since its release the ring collection has expanded to include jewel embellishments and an array of elegant different styles and coloured metals. If you’re looking for a ring with some history behind it then look no further than the Trinity.

Cartier Love ring

The Cartier Love ring was inspired by the house’s iconic Cartier Love bracelet. Alluding to the era of unconventional love in 1970s New York, the Love ring is designed to seal a love that transgresses convention. With stark screws, optional diamond embellishments and multiple coloured gold varieties available, you won’t find a better tribute to romance.

Cartier Vendôme

A Cartier wedding ring is an elegant and timeless choice. The Vendôme collection is the house’s take on the classic wedding band. Featuring three different coloured gold rings, the interconnected wedding band is a beautiful symbol of love and commitment. While we love the classic wedding band, the Vendôme wedding ring also comes with optional diamonds and other jewelled embellishments.

Juste un Clou

Often referred to as the Cartier nail ring, The Juste un Clou ring collection undeniably contains some of Cartier’s most lavish pieces. Inspired by nails, the collection began with a bracelet in the 1970s before expanding into a line of avant-garde rings and other modern pieces. We love the diamond encrusted rose gold paired with a second solid or white gold Juste un Clou on a separate finger.

Cartier Panthère

Cartier’s iconic Panthère design was first created in 1914. While the design may be old, the Panthère aesthetic is distinctly modern. Having been transformed with the times, each iconic feline motif now offers a different facet of its personality. Notably worn by American rapper and business mogul Jay Z, the panther ring oozes strength and style.

Cartier Destinée

If you’re looking for an engagement ring then look no further than the Cartier Destinée ring collection. With a platinum band and a halo of radiant diamonds, the rings encapsulate the promise of a lifetime together. While the ring’s price is dependent on your requirements and discussion with Cartier, a Destinée engagement ring is the ultimate romantic choice.

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