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Hello House Plants: A Horticultural Heaven to Rare Indoor Plants

The wonderful world of rare indoor houseplants grows far beyond basic Begonias and average Ivy’s. Enter the greenhouse of exotic plants and you’ll find yourself amongst the likes of rare Philodendrons and delightful Dieffenbachias.

Whether you’re an established green thumb or simply want to bring the best of nature indoors, explore everything from the unusual to the extraordinary in this list of rare indoor houseplants.

Philodendron Pink Princess

The most popular rare Philodendron in recent years is the Philodendron Erubescens, nicknamed the Pink PrincessLatin for ‘blushing’. The stunning pink blush-coloured leaves give the gorgeous plant its name but also its scarcity. While demand for this unique Philodendron variety is very high, growers can’t always guarantee the popular pink hue. Like most Philodendrons, the rare plant is a climber reaching up to 5 feet tall with leaves of up to 9 inches long. An even rarer half moon Philodendron Pink Princess was listed on Etsy for up to A$2,700.

Philodendron Minima

Another rare Philodendron, the Minima can also be one of the most expensive house plants. While on the low end you can find a Minima for around A$50, an extremely rare variegated Philodendron Minima specimen sold for A$8,150 in August 2020. Also known as the mini monstera, the houseplant is extremely popular with plant collectors for its variation in spots and streaks but also its deep-lobe light green colour. 

Monstera Obliqua

Also known as the ‘Swiss cheese’ plant, its large gaping holes make it uniquely attractive to plant enthusiasts. The Central and South American plant has more holes than leaves, creating a structure that looks as delicate as fine lace. While regular versions start at around $20 the price for variegated Monsteras such as the Deliciosa can reach up to A$6,800.

Philodendron Joepii

The rare Philodendron list grows bigger with the addition of the Philodendron Joepii. This unique rare Philodendrons is defined by its wide lower-lobed body, a delicate upper portion, and green leaf topped with upright rabbit-like ears. Its name comes from the Dutch naturalist who discovered it growing on an anthill in French Guiana in 1991. Its rarity comes from a rather unknown parentage, believed to be a hybrid of two previously known species. As a rare Philodendron, its value can be anywhere from A$2,000 to over A$5,000.

Dieffenbachia Reflector

While not typically a rare plant, some rare Dieffenbachia varieties can cost hundreds of dollars. Defined by its large almost reflective leaves this rare Dieffenbachia is a real eye catcher. The beautiful variegated patterns feature specks of green and irregular green splatter spots. This plants original unique beauty radiates a love, at first sight, feeling thanks to its deep and intense colours.

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