The metal rope H buckle is silversmith-crafted, transforming this accessory into a jewellery piece. Perfect for styling with summer chinos and a light shirt. Source: Hermes

Hermès Belts: Our Five Favourites for Men

Hermès is one of the most iconic luxury brands in the world. Known for its collection of high-end Birkin and Kelly handbags, wallets and other small leather goods, the fashion house is also known for producing some of the most stylish and creative selections of men’s interchangeable belt buckles.

First introduced by stylist Catherine Karoly in 1967, the interchangeable belt buckle was named after the draw in which it was stored. The buckle quickly gained popularity to the point where people were lining up outside the Faubourg store. The signature H belt buckle has since been reinvented over and over again to offer the many variations that Hermès produces today. These are our top five variations.

Hermès H belt

The original interchangeable belt buckle is still as sought-after today as it was when it was first released. Elegant and understand, the recognisable Hermè’s H adds a little luxury to any outfit. The permabrass belt buckle is available in a number of different shades, including gold plated metal, brushed palladium and platinum.

Hermès Constance belt

Modelled after the popular Constance handbag collection, the Constance belt buckle is a sleeker and shinier version of the classic H belt. The Constance belt buckle is available in four different finishings, including permabrass, brushed permabrass, palladium plated metal, and brushed palladium plated metal.

Hermès H Marin belt

This unique take on the signature H belt buckle is inspired by the traditional sailor’s knot. The simple design places emphasis on the stylised knotted rope design at the centre of the buckle. The buckle is available in stainless steel permabrass plated metal and palladium plated metal finishings.

Hermès Tete de Cheval belt

The Tete de Cheval buckle is one of Hermès most unique belt buckle designs. Drawing inspiration from the brand’s own association with horses, the buckle’s polished horse head offers a simple yet eye-catching design. The buckle is available in permabrass and palladium plated metal finishings.

Hermès H au Carre belt

This belt buckle offers a fun and jazzy twist on the H buckle. With the bold overlapping H design, the buckle is the perfect accessory to add something special to an otherwise neutral outfit. The buckle is available in palladium plated metal and permabrass plated metal.

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