HermèsFit Gym | Source: Ultra NYC

HermèsFit: High-End Luxury Meets Hard Fitness

The luxury French fashion house of Hermes is bringing the world of high-end fashion to the gym. The HermèsFit pop-up studio, described as the active way to experience Hermès luxury accessories, debuted this week with a four-day event running from November 4 in Williamsburg, New York.

Fans will be pleased to know HermèsFit will be an international series with follow-up events believed to be planned for Paris, Taipei, and Shanghai.

Hermès says the new initiative is where “fitness meets fun on this unconventional course” allowing attendees to “practice stretching with belts, try yoga with silk scarves, and shadowbox with bracelets”.

Inside the HermèsFit studio is styled as an interactive space that’s both sporty yet with an air of opulence. It’s painted in the brand’s signature orange and the walls are covered in graphic Hermès motifs. The gym equipment also gets the fashion house treatment with custom Hermès barbells and kettlebells, as well as carré-inspired calisthenics.

While far more than a gym, the rest of the space is made up of a boxing ring, that becomes a live stage between 6-8 pm, a climbing wall that doubles as a photo booth, and a juice bar.

The classes on offer are rather typical but with a Hermès twist. You’ll find yourself stretching with a Hermès belt, kickboxing with fancy bracelets, and voguing with stylish hats – all presenting a new way to experience the luxury accessories.

Boxing bags printed with Hermès scarf motifs at the HermèsFit installation in Brooklyn | Source: Hermes, Hersey Shiga
Inside Hermès’ temporary gym in Brooklyn | Source: Hermes, Hersey Shiga
 HermèsFit cattle bells
Source: Hersey Shiga
Source: Hersey Shiga

For more information on the upcoming tour, have a look at the HermèsFit webpage.

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