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High-End Electric Bikes | The Best Three Frey Bikes

There are plenty of great reasons to upgrade your ride to an electric bike. You might say sustainability, speed and style are the top three. Frey Bikes are now adding another to that list; enjoyment.

Since electric bikes hit the market, most people were jumping on them for a faster commute to work, yet it’s when you take your electric bike off the pavement where the fun happens. Once a high-end electric mountain bike becomes your ride of choice, you won’t look back. And Frey Bikes makes some of the best. If you’re a fan of getting out into nature for a cycle, then upgrade your next riding adventure, elevate your fun and lower your environmental impact. Here’s a look at the top three Frey bikes for an electric ride like no other.

Frey Bikes EX

If you want to really get off-road on your next electric bike, you know the Frey Bikes EX model will get you there. The brand-new design is built for aggressive trail riding and rugged mountain climbing. While it looks stylish, the EX is packing mighty power and a tough dual suspension system to handle the most technical terrain. This Frey bike is for the most hardcore and power hungry rider. The powerful Bafang motor is paired with improved suspension geometry and a re-designed the frame to ensure even the roughest trails shouldn’t be a problem. Enjoy many customisation options to create the bike you want and choose from three different configurations; basic, advanced and Pro. 

Frey EX Specs2

  • Motor:  1KW Bafang 
  • Torque: 160 Nm
  • Top speed: 60 km/h 
  • Battery: 48V/14Ah 
  • Range: 30-100 km

Frey Bikes AM1000

The FREY AM1000 electric mountain bike is up there with the best of the best. It’s looks rather unimposing compared with some of Frey Bikes yet it’s packing more power than almost any other e-bike. The Bafang Ultra mid-drive motor, propels this electric mountain bike to almost 60km/h and the suspension makes it easy to elegantly navigate technical terrain. The Frey AM1000 is easy to ride for beginners and will adapt with you, becoming a perfect bike once your confidence and experience grow. If you’re after a premium quality electric mountain bike great for first time buyers or experienced racers, you’ve found it. Built with high-quality components and with a large 1.5kW motor and 1kWh battery, you’ll get the best out of this bike for years.

Frey AM1000 Specs

  • Motor: 1 kW Bafang Ultra mid-drive motor
  • Torque: 160 Nm
  • Top speed: 59 km/h
  • Battery: 48V 21Ah
  • Range: 30-100 km 

Frey Bikes AM1000 Beast

Aptly named the Beast, this Frey electric mountain bike is in a league of its own. The high-power, high-spec bike puts out a massive 1,800W thanks to the huge 60V battery and custom version of the Bafang Ultra motor. When the power of a motorbike meets the performance and ride style of an electric mountain bike, it’s always going to be something special. This is not a beginner’s e-bike, but made for experienced riders seeking the highest level of performance. Despite the increased power and size this bike is efficient, handles well for its size and the high-performance suspension keeps the ride comfortable. If you want the best electric mountain bike on the market, then you can’t look past the Frey Bike AM1000 Beast.

Frey Beast Specs

  • Motor: Custom built 60V Bafang M620 1000W
  • Top speed: 55-60km/h
  • Battery: 60V/24.5AH
  • Range: 30-100 km 

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