Forcite motorcycle helmet

These smart helmets offer hands free convenience for riders | Source: Forcite Facebook

High-Tech Motorcycle Helmets for the Avid Rider

Now a regular feature in our vehicles, smart technology grants us the convenience to make phone calls, change music and get directions to your destination, without having to take your eyes off the road or your hands off the wheel.

Thanks to the latest offerings from motorcycle and safety equipment brands, motorbike riders are now able to access all of the same practical features from a helmet. According to Motorcycles Data, the motorcycle industry will be worth US$156 billion by 2026, and luxury accessories like these practical and convenient smart tech helmets will become a vital piece of kit for those who own a motorbike.

Forcite MK1S Smart Helmet

Based in Sydney, Forcite is a leading smart motorcycle brand with its ultra-lightweight and high-tech helmets. Its latest smart helmet, the MK1S, has a carbon fibre shell and features Forcite’s patented peripheral LED display which allows riders to see road alerts and navigation commands in real-time.

Wearers will be able to hear crisp audio through premium Harman Kardon speaker drivers and speak through dual integrated microphones which are tuned to cut out wind noise.

A camera positioned on the chin captures 1080p and is race track approved, allowing wearers to conveniently capture footage while riding and easily share it through the Forcite app. All of these features come to the total price of A$1,299.

Source: Forcite Helmets

Harley Davidson Boom! Audio N02

Equipped with a built-in Sena Momentum 30K Bluetooth communication system, this smart helmet from Harley Davidson allows wearers to enjoy music, speak with up to eight riders via intercom and take hands-free calls. Constructed from fibreglass, the helmet is relatively lightweight and remains fog-free thanks to chin and forehead vents.

The Boom! helmet also comes with a built-in FM radio and an integrated mesh intercom which, when set in private mode, connects up to 16 riders through the intercom. This futuristic helmet is priced at US$550- approximately A$770.

Harley Davidson Boom! Audio N02 Full-Face Helmet
Harley Davidson Boom! Audio N02 Full-Face Helmet, approx. A$770 | Source: Harley Davidson


Made with a pure carbon fiber shell, Jarvish’s JARVISH X helmet is super lightweight as well as convenient with its ability to take hands-free calls, play music, connect to navigation and capture 2K full HD footage.

Produced by a Taiwan-based start-up, the JARVISH X helmet as well as the X-AR model are advertised on crowd-funding site Kickstarter and are priced at US$699 and US$1,599 respectively.

JARVISH X, A$699 | Source: Jarvish

Sena Momentum Inc Pro

Combining the high-tech audio features of the Momentum Bluetooth helmet with a QHD action camera, Sena’s Momentum Inc Pro is one of the smartest helmets on the market. Capturing 1440p of footage through a 135-degree field of view, the built-in camera is affixed to the top of the helmet and can be activated at the press of a button.

According to Sena, studies show that freeway noise can reach over 100 decibels and sustained exposure can cause permanent hearing loss. To combat this, the Momentum Inc Pro comes with noise cancellation and intelligent noise control, so you can opt to clearly hear your surroundings while also reducing wind noise.

Sena Momentum Inc Pro
Sena Momentum Inc Pro, approx. A$980 | Source: Sena

Quin Ghost Umbra

Equipped with Quin’s fully-integrated Bluetooth system, the Ghost Umbra offers hands-free capabilities along with a smart safety technology system. Called the ‘Intelliquin system’, this safety technology manually triggers an SOS Beacon that broadcasts your location to your emergency contacts.

Quin Ghost Umbra
Quin Ghost Umbra, approx. A$980 | Source: Quin

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